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Letters: Jealous men start fights

Francisco Villa
Edwards CO, Colorado

Re: Mom: Son ‘couldn’t count’ shots fired

I’ve lived here for more than seven years, and I’ve noticed that violence has increased in the Vail Valley. When I first got here there were fewer people and mostly men. Another thing I’ve noticed is that now there are more women around and in most of the parties I’ve been to, the problems are caused by them.

I’m not saying that all the problems in the world are because of girls, not even all of the problems in the Vail Valley are caused by them, I’m saying that usually when men get aggressive and decide to fight or shoot someone is because they feel someone else is trying to get with his girl.

Alcohol is also a major factor why violence is now so often used. But then again, a party without alcohol is just not a party worth attending.

These people make me mad because they make the environment dangerous and also because they prevent other people from having fun with their attitudes.

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