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Letters: Keep Avon smoking ban

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Good Samaritans

Late Monday afternoon while riding alone I crashed on my bicycle near the river bridge in Edwards suffering injuries. Two men, Mitch Foss of Edwards and Brant Stoede, visiting from Boulder, stopped to render assistance. Mitch went to obtain First-Aid materials and returned to clean and bandage wounds.

Both then took my bike and me to my car and drove me to Colorado Mountain Medical and stayed during X-rays and treatment. They then took me home. They stayed with me for nearly three hours to be sure I was all right.

I am very lucky and grateful for their assistance and giving of their time. They are deserving of a public thank you. If you see them sometime soon please give them recognition as Good Samaritans and persons of whom the community can be proud!

Neal Zimmers


Avon smoking ban

I’d like to urge the Avon Town Council members to retain the tough cigarette smoking law they so wisely previously approved. I believe it cuts down on smoking, and improves the environment for non-smokers (including our children). Other communities would be wise to adopt the Avon law ” we are way out front on this issue, and should remain so.

Steven Coyer


Start with Arn

Many people have said to me, “Why not recall all three commissioners? Why pick on Arn?” My answer: Get rid of the worst one first. Sara Fisher appears to be a reasonable person with her own mind. Peter Runyon just does what Arn Menconi tells him to. At a Democratic Party meeting, I asked Peter why he supported the moratorium on construction a couple of years ago. “Because we need to build more affordable housing,” was his answer. In reply, I pointed out that locals depend on the real estate and construction market. “Well,” Peter said, “that’s a transient industry so they may have to move somewhere else to get work for a while.” Astounded, I looked at him and said, “Wait a minute … you’re placing a moratorium on construction so that locals can get housing, but they won’t be able to afford to live here anymore because they can’t get work? How does that make any sense?” With a confused look on his face, Peter said, “Well, Arn talked me into it.”

I guess that tells the whole story, doesn’t it? That’s when I became a Republican. Although I disgree with Republican policies internationally, locally I am strongly behind them, so I have adopted the policy of, “act locally,” because, quite frankly, that’s the only place I can make a difference.

Why do I support the recall of Arn Menconi? Because he just doesn’t listen to his constituency. Because he will not tolerate dissident opinions. It is ludicrous that we voted twice on home rule. It is insane that we spent our $6 million of open space funds on saving 75 acres in Edwards. Look closely at which developers benefited from that expenditure, and their membership on the Snowboard Outreach Society, and you might find some interesting coincidences. Hint: Initials are H.F.

How much more damage can Arn Menconi do in one year? Quite a bit. Sign the petition.

Donna Spinelli


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