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Letters: Make case for tax hike, Eagle Co.

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Letter to Arn Menconi


I’m willing to be convinced that the county needs more revenues, but your recent column in the Daily didn’t do the job. I’ve been a professional investor for decades, and there’s no way I could make an informed judgment from the information you provided.

You wrote: “Eagle County’s property tax revenue (including commercial and new construction) has averaged 5.4 percent since 2002. This barely matches the rate of inflation.”

Over what period? Since you said “averaged,” I’ll assume you meant 5.4 percent per year. Arn, surely you know that inflation has averaged well under 3 percent a year since 2002. It’s troubling to see you justify your position with such a huge error.

In order to decide if an increase is reasonable, the citizens need to know if county revenues have grown, over a reasonable period of years, by a percentage at least equal to the percentage growth in county population over that period, adjusted by real inflation data.

If the county has gotten less than that, you certainly should raise taxes to get us even. If it has gotten that amount or more, then we need solid justification for an increase. If an increase is justified by the data, I believe the vast majority of our citizens will support you.

What you have told us up to now is sure to provoke a storm of protest when we get our tax bills.

Pete Feistmann


Too many kids

In response to “StokeyBob” in the Nov. 26 Wisdom from the Web, I think you miss the point. Overpopulation of the Earth and the destruction of natural resources will be the death of us all! No one said you can’t have a child, but does anyone need more than two? Are you trying to start your own little army?

We as a species are utterly selfish, we just can’t seem to plan ahead. What are you leaving those hordes of children? Not much, because we’ll make sure we’ve exhausted every resource and there’s no going back from there. Too bad we can’t float around in the universe and cling on to other living cells, as you put it.

Bob, but this is all we have, and the future inhabitants of this planet will definitely not be “stoked.”

Duncan Skylar


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