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Letters: Make second-home owners pay

Chip Bartsch
Vail CO, Colorado

If so much of the housing here has been bought by people who do not live here that prices have been driven out of the locals’ affordable range, then why don’t we place a fee (tax) on non-primary residences (empty houses)?

It is not just the trophy homes that are the problem, but the fact that so many of the smaller studios and condominiums that traditionally housed locals are now selling as weekend property for Front Rangers at prices beyond what the locals can afford.

Reward the people who do the working and living here with a more level playing field. Penalize those who are buying housing only to let it sit empty for most of the year. And use the royalties to create a fund toward more housing for locals in the future.

Sweet Basil just announced that they will now close for lunch on Mondays and Tuesdays because they can’t find cooks!

Something to think about. This is only the beginning!

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