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Letters: Making biking safer

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Recall the editor

(Refer to “Recall lacks logic, but still …”)

Is it any wonder Don Rogers defends Arn Menconi so aggressively? Both are cut of the same cloth, both are extremely arrogant and myopic; they are both capable of seeing only what they want to see and will defy all logic and refute all evidence to the contrary.

Mr. Roger’s latest tirade of crude insults and misinformation exemplifies this. Ordinarily, such drivel would be dismissed as the ravings of harmless lunatics, but unfortunately it’s not that simple when dealing with newspaper editors and county commissioners.

Because of his desperate use of ad hominem attacks most folks will immediately dismiss Roger’s arguments. Mr. Roger’s should know that resorting to slinging insults at the opposing argument only weakens his own position, and the Vail Daily isn’t exactly known for excellence in journalism, or spelling or grammar, so it’s probably unwise for him to throw stones from within his glass house. And what school of journalism did Rogers attend that teaches the practice of name-calling?

We the people still have the right to petition our governments! Our Constitution guarantees every state the right to a Republican form of government, even Colorado, which includes the right to petition the government, even here in Eagle County. Yes Mr. Rogers, the citizens of Eagle County do have the right to petition their governments, even those people who you refer to as “stupid.”

This petition to recall Arn Menconi is Democracy in action. This is a lesson in civics (Rogers, should sit up and pay attention.). Over the years Menconi has repeatedly given us cause to recall him. Arrogant Arn has ignored the will of the people and the people’s votes one time too many. We the people finally have had enough and we’re not going to take it any more. It’s not only our right; it is our civic duty to recall Arn Menconi.

This effort to recall Arn Menconi will succeed despite the propaganda of the Vail Daily and its biased editor. This message should be considered a loud and clear warning to the other two commissioners. Hopefully, removing Menconi will mitigate the need for additional recall campaigns. Now if only we could recall newspaper editors …

Thomas Anderson

Gypsum event a hit

The 2007 Gypsum Daze Talent Show was wonderful this year! Prize amounts were doubled thanks to Stratton Flats and the Town of Gypsum! Winners for the 13 to 18 age group were: First place ” Megan Houghton and Molly Allard for a beautiful duet; second place went to Martin Corral and third to Bergan Gurule and Andy Sambrano, all excellent acts!

For the 5 to 12 age group, the first place winner was Taylor Hadsell, a third-year contestant with the most positive attitude I have ever encountered in a 9-year-old. A tie for second place went to Tiffany Sheehy and Garret Martin both extraordinary entertainers! Third place went to karate master Jesse Myers. Best band went to The Band Formerly Known as “No Strings Attached”. Band members included Jordan, Tyler and Jack.

Ron Beard once again emceed the event and was fabulous as usual!

Thanks to all who helped with the show, including Tim and David McMichael, Oceania Gardaria, Tirza Sanchez, Trisha Theelke and Jessica for judging the acts, Pam Schultz, Gary Welker and his crew, Richter Scale, Stratton Flats and the Town of Gypsum staff for all of their hard work.

It is an honorable thing to be part of such a unique venue and live in such a dedicated town and community.

Melanie McMichael


Bike safety solution

In response to the letter to editor about the cycling death trap:

A simple solution to the bicycle problem would be a system very similar to the off-highway vehicle registration. All bicycles would have to be registered (for a fee, of course) and would have a plate or sticker applied in a suitable location on the bicycle. The money collected would then be used to pave the shoulder on existing roads, and of course, if your bike is stolen this registration would help in the recovery of the bike.

This would also help in the enforcement of our traffic laws, like how bikes and pedestrians are not allowed on I-70. Bikes will have to use the bike paths that our tax dollars have already put in place, and cyclists will help stop the illegal single tracks that have been developed in our national forests and Bureau of Land Management lands.

I believe it is time for bicycle riders to open communications with the state of Colorado and create a safe system that will keep bicycles from being a hazard to motor vehicles on the highways.

Please give us bike riders who will contribute their time and dollars a bike lane on Highway 6.

Bill Schierkolk


Editor’s note: According to Colorado law, cyclists may ride on the interstate unless there is a bike path nearby. In that case, cyclists should take the bike path.

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