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Letters: Massage misconceptions in Eagle Co.

Phoebe Amidon, Owner, Simply Massage
Vail CO, Colorado

While Sara Mausolf’s article regarding massage etiquette in the Tuesday High Life section was informative, it also promoted antiquated ideas about the massage industry.

The phrase “massage parlor” is not considered acceptable to most people in the industry. It seems to harken back to days when massage still meant sex, and gives us a slight cringe every time we hear it. Today most people say massage studio, massage clinic, or spa instead. Also, advising clients to “direct R-rated requests elsewhere, like to escort services or to spas in other parts of the country,” as a therapist from another spa suggested in your article, does not help the massage therapy industry shake off this.

image either, which is why Simple Massage instead refers these clients to the police.

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