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Letters: McQueeney for school board

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Aspen hypocrites

(Refer to the Daily editorial, “Hating history”)

Aspen’s public-access channel’s decision not to show that pathetic Holocaust denial film may be well and good since they say it promotes hate based on lies. How hypocritical though;I’m sure they would have no problem showing Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11” based on lies to promote hate against the president and our own country. I wonder what their good friends, the ACLU, would think.

Gary Feldman


Vote for McQueeney

I was happy to see Jeanne McQueeney’s name on the ballot as a candidate for the school board.

What an excellent member of the board she will make. Jeanne is thoughtful, thorough, knowledgeable, and efficient. Anyone who knows or who has worked with Jeanne knows that she gets the job done: she keeps a keen focus on what would be best for the children of Eagle County.

I hope you will join me in voting for Jeanne McQueeney in this election.

Jane West


Save Eagle-Vail

The Eagle-Vail Property Owners’ Association Board of Directors supports the passage of the Eagle-Vail Metropolitan District’s ballot issue 5A.

Opponents of the measure would have you believe that Eagle-Vail residents can maintain, and even improve, our amenities without continuing this mill levy. This is simply not the case.

Imagine an Eagle-Vail without swimming lessons, a children’s swim team, moms and tots splashing about, family nights or early morning adult swim workouts. Without 5A’s revenue, this will be a reality for the summer of 2008.

Further imagine an Eagle-Vail that continues to crumble, decay and offer less and less to its residents. Already swimming, hockey and skate opportunities have evaporated. No longer are cross-country trails set and maintained regularly.

Replacement of pocket park features has been delayed. Scheduled maintenance on golf and tennis facilities has been deferred, giving Eagle-Vail that deteriorating 1970’s orange shag carpet look and feel.

Finally, imagine an Eagle-Vail that cannot afford to offer golf or tennis. Imagine that pocket parks cannot be maintained, that play structures are dismantled and grass and landscapes are overgrown. This is not as far-fetched as it sounds. District assets have been liquidated and reserves have been drawn down. The Metro District cannot operate the golf course and other amenities for very much longer while continuing to dip into reserves.

The passage of 5A guarantees that those of us who live in Eagle-Vail will have a swimming pool next summer, much-needed critical repairs and maintenance to our pocket parks, golf course and tennis courts, operating funds for the golf course and perhaps most importantly, time to prepare a long-term plan for our community.

Consider this: If 5A is defeated, the Metro District may well be bankrupt within a couple of years. In short, many of the things that drew us here in the first place will be gone. 5A is an emergency measure to allow our neighborhood to take a breath, finish the planning process and develop dependable funding sources.

Eagle-Vail residents should be reminded that the plan behind 5A did not come from the mind of a single person, or even the boards of the property owners’ association or the Metro District. The plan came from a cooperative effort between the two boards and a large number of concerned residents who have been working with planning consultants over the last 15 months to come up with the first stage of a plan that will restore our community to the ideal Vail Valley neighborhood that it was when built 30 years ago.

I understand that people may still have a concern that the plan is not perfect or does not go far enough in meeting all our needs, but it does address the most important things as identified by a survey of 325 residents.

Our community has created this opportunity for us to turn things around. The Eagle-Vail Property Owners’ Association Board of Directors and the Eagle-Vail Metropolitan District have both solidly endorsed the 5A proposal. With no increase in the current mill levy, we can put more money into both the facilities and operations of our recreational assets. Please join me in working to make sure that the final Eagle-Vail Metropolitan District plan is what you want it to be.

But remember, there will be no improvements at all if we do not first secure the funding that will come from the passage of 5A.

Imagine an improved quality of life for all of us who live in Eagle-Vail and join me in voting yes on 5A.

Jeff Layman


Eagle-Vail Property

Owners Association

Tax increase isn’t much

We are Eagle-Vail residents who want to encourage our neighbors to vote yes on 5A. We bought our duplex in 1998 and have been full-time residents since I retired in 2002. We fell in love with Eagle-Vail because of its close proximity to everything in the valley as well as it being a very unique community with a lot of amenities; parks, hiking trails, golf course, swimming pool and many others. We love it here!

Realizing that many of the things we like about the community are now 30 years old and in need of repair or replacement, we think it is a must to pass 5A so that we can keep the improvements up to date. We think that the support of our neighbors and community is a must before things deteriorate further.

Our current market value was increased by 43 percent by the county assessor recently. We understand that this is about average for duplexes in Eagle-Vail.

Although our Metro District mill levy rate would not be increased, our county tax for this item would increase about $238 a year. The after-tax cost for us would be approximately $180 a year or $15 a month. What a small additional investment for all of us to keep our extraordinary amenities updated and valuable to each of us!

In our opinion, the board has spent a great deal of time, effort, and energy to come up with a plan to finance these repairs and replacements. It will be a good start to revitalize some of our best qualities. We can continue to look for ways to make these needed improvements in the future, but this is certainly the most cost efficient way to get started. We ask for your support in approving this issue.

Jack and Brenda Lee

Stop judging

(Refer to the letter to the editor, “Don’t believe revisionists”)

Several days ago I submitted a letter to the Vail Daily in response to a letter written by Michael Cacioppo and printed in the Oct.16 edition. In my initial response I allowed my ire and corresponding temper to influence my judgment and made a few statements that were not allowable or tasteful for publication. The paper contacted me and rightfully pointed out my errors in judgment and recommended that I edit my comments and resubmit them for publication. Herein lies the results of my edited response:

Mr. Cacioppo, you seem to take great delight in disparaging everything and everyone who does not believe as you believe. I have known you personally, but not intimately for more than 20 years. In much of what you have had to say in that time, I supported if not agreed with your right to do so.

But now, I believe that you have crossed the line from criticism to hateful, spiteful and dishonorable rhetoric. You have indiscriminately brought charges and tacked labels on some great men and a populace, merely on the grounds that they do not think as you think. What right do you have to call the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. and John F. Kennedy “sinning adulterers?” Who do you think you are to denigrate these men who have done more for this nation than you are capable of doing in 10 lifetimes? To coin an old Indian maxim, you “could not walk a mile” or even a single step in their moccasins.

These so-called “liberals” and “revisionists” who you are so quick to condemn are a mixed bag, as we all are. Some are, indeed, driven by party loyalties, but most are honest citizens, veterans and others who have given much of their time and their lives to make this the finest country in the world.

From what I know of you, I doubt that you can say the same. Mistakes? Of course! Ask Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Eisenhower about mistakes.

As for Mr. Columbus, I believe we can have that holiday or not. If you hunger so much for Italian recognition, you could have picked a better example. You keep saying things like, “people like them are ruining the country” and “the mainstream press” and “40 years of liberal revisionism” whatever that means. You even pick on Don Rogers, Alex Miller, Matt Zalaznick, Tamara Miller and Steve Lynn (leftists); as well as the Vail Daily (who ran your letter) and Colorado Mountain News Media (all “ruining our country”). About the only ones you missed were Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Isn’t there anyone you like? Other than Columbus, I mean.

You also claim to hold a “journalism degree” which I, for one, do not find that impressive. Just about every friend and acquaintance I have owns one degree or another. In fact my degree is in advertising design, but I had a minor in journalism from the University of Illinois, along with the honor of being president of the undergraduate and the professional chapters of Alpha Delta Sigma, the national advertising fraternity. I also received an honorary membership in Sigma Delta Chi, the national journalism fraternity (in case you didn’t know).

So, in the final analysis, it all adds up to “bubkus” and does little else other than allow us to write letters to newspapers.

So there, Michael, wanna compare successes and failures? In closing, I cite from your own bible; “judge not, lest you be judged.”

Alan M. Aarons


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