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Letters: Menconi’s support

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

War isn’t in Iraq

How can our fearless leaders possibly think that there is a war to be won in Iraq? How can they regurgitate the garbage that proclaims that if we quit Iraq “they will follow us home?”

If we killed every al-Qaida terrorist in Iraq, the threat here in the United States would remain just as “real” as it is now. Our security would continue to be threatened by terrorists here in the United States, or in Iran, or in Pakistan or in lots of other places. There is no potential solution other than homeland security and enlisting the aid of the various leaders of every country on Earth.

Regarding the latter, I firmly believe that they fully recognize the threat that terrorism represents to each of their societies and they could be rallied to a united effort.

The correct policy is not a military “surge” or threatening Iran and Syria, it is bringing together the countries of the world in a united effort to stamp out radical “kooks”.

David LeVine

Menconi’s support

As president of the Resource Center board of directors, I would like to take issue with an article that appeared in the July 18 edition of the Vail Daily concerning the recall of Arn Menconi.

It was implied that Arn, in trying to acquire the building that houses the Safehouse for SOS, acted improperly to feather his own nest and has not been supportive of the Resource Center. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Over the last few years I have worked closely with Arn and the Eagle County Commissioners to form a partnership that meets the needs of the astounding number of abused spouses and their families that come through our doors. No one has been more supportive than Arn. He truly cares about the people of the Vail Valley who are unfortunate enough to need special care and assistance.

Last year the Resource Center fielded approximately 1,200 calls from victims of domestic abuse. Without Arn and the incredible support of the county we would never be able to fulfill our critical mission.

Susan Frampton

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