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Letters: Minturn should get a vote

Elizabeth Huppert
Vail CO, Colorado

There are so many unanswered questions about the Ginn Annexation and yet the town seems to be in a rush to push this thing through. Currently we do not have a town administrator (just in interim) and in April a majority of the council seats are up for election. Perhaps we need to slow this thing down until we have the new Council or better yet, just let the citizens make the decision.

If the current town council does not let us vote, at least we will have six people to blame for turning our nice, small town into a traffic, construction nightmare ” Jerry Baumgartner (a.k.a. JB), Shelly Belm, Kelly Brinkerhoff, George Brodin, Hawkeye Flaherty, and Tom Sullivan. Let’s keep Bill Burnett out of this mess.

If this council approves the annexation without a public vote, please be sure to complain to these people each and every time you see them for creating what some of have described as “hell.” Let’s let them own their decision.

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