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Letters: Misinformed about speed limit

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Waste of road money

The recent articles discussing the need to lower speed limits contain some misinformation and very poor science.

The proponents for lowering speed limits in certain areas appear to be led by none other than our famously maligned, and deservedly so, Avon Police Department and the Colorado Department of Transportation. The data used to support their hypothesis/conclusion has been scientifically used in other professional studies to show that speed is not an overarching factor in many accidents. The latest study by the National Transportation Safety Board indicates that traffic fatalities are declining in spite of increased speed limits and widespread disregard for the limits.

Avon police has absolutely no business imploring the feds to reduce I-70 speed limits.

Do we really want bottlenecks of snarled traffic on the highway that runs through us while Avon’s finest in their new stretch pants are creating a traffic hazard with more speed traps?

There are several areas prone to accidents in poor weather, but CDOT has been diligently working on plans to waste unbelievable amounts of tax dollars for a ridiculous solution to perceived problems at Dowd Junction. The problem isn’t that the curve is too sharp ” it is actually a very consistent radius that is larger than at least a half-dozen between Grand Junction and Denver. The noticeably sharper curves in Glenwood, New Castle and Wolcott come to mind.

CDOT has already spent six figures on studies to bore a tunnel through Dowd Junction for straightening the highway, which will cost several hundred million dollars. Two million dollars in new signs, lighting and warning lights will dramatically reduce accidents in poor weather but, make no mistake, CDOT has a culture of keeping their management and contractors profiting from wasteful spending.

It is decades past time for the governor to hold CDOT accountable for pork, poor maintenance contributing to accelerated infrastructure decline and mismanagement. Many other states already have oversight committees to rein in wasteful spending of their transportation departments.

We in the Vail Valley need CDOT and Avon PD solving traffic problems like we need less snow on Vail Mountain.

Sam Sterling


Need better leadership

So our president and commander in chief is prepared to do just about anything that Gen. Petraeus recommends ” and that may be dead wrong!

The general’s obligation is to defeat the enemy ” period; while the president’s obligation is to do what’s best for our nation. They are not necessarily the same thing. Mr. Bush has a responsibility to consider the will of the people, our relationships with other countries, the availability of “fresh” troops, the monetary costs, and the long term effects on our military personnel and equipment.

So how can he abdicate his presidential responsibilities and merely follow the recommendations of General Petraeus whose goal it is to “win the war?”

For too long Mr. Bush has totally ignored the overall effects of his war.

He has ignored the multiple tours of duty, the horrors of the dead and wounded, the devastation in Iraq, and the ill will that he has created throughout our own country and the rest of the world.

We badly need thoughtful presidential leadership.

David LeVine

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