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Letters: More to Avon fatal than Daily reported

Brittany Riggin, Edmond, Okla.
Vail CO, Colorado

It regards to the article published on January 11, 2008 about Candace Calvin, I want to express my complete disgust in the reporting techniques of the Vail Daily.

Not only was the article one-sided, but I feel that it was also biased.

No one thought to mention what Candace’s family has gone through, or the fact that she used to serve Eagle County as a firefighter.

I have seen these kinds of stories produced before caused by the desperate needs of underqualified reporters to make a desperate attempt to seem competent. The Vail Daily is truly a joke not only to Eagle County, but to the world of informative media in general.

I cannot see a day in the future where the Vail Daily will actually report accurate, in-depth, or even worthwhile stories.

The sheer insensitivity and callousness of this article is the biggest example of immoral reporting that I have ever seen.

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