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Letters: Mountain rescue saved my friend

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Our letter stands

(Refer to letter to the editor, “Menconi’s support” written by Susan Frampton.)

Recently, Susan Frampton wrote a letter to the editor, implying that Commissioner Arn Menconi did not try to “feather his own nest,” in trying to acquire the property that the Women’s Resource Safehouse is located on.

We stand behind the statement that Menconi did want the property for his snowboarder nonprofit, which his family profits from.

Mr. Menconi, as an acting commissioner, wanted this property to go to bid, so that his organization could bid for it. The Snowboard Outreach Society did, in fact, bid for this property with the county. In our view, fortunately their bid was denied, as the county needed to provide a safehouse for battered women.

Mrs. Frampton wrote: “It was implied that Arn, in trying to acquire the building that houses the Safehouse for SOS, acted improperly to feather his own nest and has not been supportive of the Resource Center. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Please analyze exactly what she wrote ” “in trying to acquire the building that houses the Safehouse for Snowboard Outreach Society.” This is an admission by Mrs. Frampton that, in fact, Mr. Menconi did try to acquire that location, which is what we stated.

Thank you, Mrs. Frampton, for admitting that what we claim is accurate. Maybe, after Mr. Menconi’s organization was rightfully exposed and embarrassed for trying to take this location, he came to the conclusion that he should then try to help the Women’s Resource Center. Fine, if that’s true. But, the fact remains, he did try to have his snowboarder operation take over that location.

This is indisputable.

We realize that you are now involved with this safehouse organization and that you need a good working relationship with all the county commissioners, including Mr. Menconi, since the property is on county land.

We also realize that you and your husband, Harry Frampton, have been big supporters of Mr. Menconi for many years. Please don’t spin what Mr. Menconi originally did to try to take over that location for the nonprofit that his family profits from.

You probably need not worry if Mr. Menconi is recalled. We doubt that any replacement commissioner with common sense, would have a nonprofit organization that their family profits from and try to wrestle away the safehouse location from your group.

Besides, it would seem to border on a conflict of interest.

To conclude, members of The Committee to Recall Arn Menconi are committed to a high standard of ethics in reporting the facts. If we err, an immediate apology will be extended to those adversely affected.

We request this courtesy to be reciprocated by those in opposition to our effort.

Mike Reid, chairman

Committee to

Recall Arn Menconi

Editor’s note: In 2000, the county opened a vacant property to proposals from nonprofits interested in making use of it. The Women’s Resource Center was the only organization to submit a proposal by the deadline. SOS had turned in a proposal that arrived about a half-hour after the deadline. Commissioner Menconi recused himself from the subsequent discussion and decision to give the property to the Women’s Resource Center, the only organization that met the deadline for proposals.

Rescue team helped

On July 13, 2007, a friend and I decided to bike down Vail Mountain. We rented bikes, bought passes for the Lionshead gondola and away we went.

Our first trip down was a lot of fun, so we went back up for a second run.

Unfortunately, during the second ride down the mountain my friend went off the trail, down into a ravine and hit an Aspen tree. He was seriously hurt and there wasn’t much I alone could do for him. Two young women came along; they stabilized my friend and called the emergency into the Vail Mountain Rescue Team.

In a very short time the rescue team was on the scene and they quickly and expertly extracted my friend and brought him down the mountain to an ambulance they called in for transport to the hospital. I was amazed by the willingness to help the young women exhibited and the expertise and professionalism of the mountain rescue team was absolutely incredible.

My friend suffered four broken ribs and a concussion, but it would have been much much worse if it weren’t for the quick and capable assistance of the mountain rescue team.

I want to offer my sincerest thanks and appreciation to the two young women and the mountain rescue team without their assistance I’m not sure what would have happened.

Tom Caporizzo

Overland Park, Kan.

Zalaznick needs new friends

(Refer to “An uplifted nation”.)

Regarding Matt Zalaznick’s comments that Americans are discouraged, demoralized, down on Uncle Sam and even nationally depressed, perhaps he should get a new group of friends or recognize that many Americans are happy and proud to be an American.

Why are there so many illegals here if the U.S.A. is as Matt describes?

Think positively, Matt and you’ll enjoy the day more.

Barry Townsend


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