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Letters: Need accurate voting systems

John Hoffmann, CarbondaleVail CO, Colorado

Lets clamor for a voting system that accurately and trustworthily records and counts the will of our democracy. Lets stop being fooled and robbed, election after election. Stop proving our gullibility and obsequience. Lets demand a system that allows for input by all Americans, which is counted two different ways, with at least one hard copy count, like every point of sale transaction in America.Why has it missed the media that the only electronic voting machine certified by the Colorado Secretary of State, Republican Mike Coffman, is the only voting machine that has been litigated against for vote count aberrations in seven states? One that Princeton University researchers found to have an undocumented backdoor, in Diebolds main GEM Central Tabulator & software. Diebold has changed its name to Premier Election Solutions since 2004 but has not announced reconfiguring its voting machines to have votes verified twice with a paper cross count or to be less easily tampered with.

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