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Letters: No recall campaigning at the fair

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Thanks for the path

Hats off to the men and women who have been diligently working on the new bike path west of Eagle.

I for one cannot wait until I can ride my bike to Eagle without dodging cars and being blown away by trucks.

Linda Feucht


Keep the fair fun

Congratulations to everyone involved with the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo. It was lots of fun, and very well done this year.

A big boo-hiss to the anti-Menconi folks for campaigning at the Junior Livestock Auction. Sure, they had a legal right to be there, but come on … there’s a time and a place.

The Livestock Auction is about the kids who devote their time and energy to raising their animals and successfully completing their 4-H projects.

It was in very bad taste for the anti-Menconi folks to campaign at the auction.

Betty Neal

Lederhouse helped Bond/McCoy

(Refer to the letter to the editor titled, “Doesn’t represent us.”)

The dispute Mr. Hastings refers to was over alternate locations for the proposed firehouse. Hastings wanted the Bond/McCoy firehouse built on Colorado state land that is still in use as a ballpark today. The entire fire district board of directors wanted the new firehouse to be built on several acres of land donated by the Matlock family, located between Bond and McCoy, about six miles from State Bridge. This land was offered to the fire district free and clear with no lease and no cost to anyone (beyond attorney’s fees). Bob Rasnick also granted an easement for the driveway access to the Matlock parcel to run with the three-year time for building the fire station. Eagle County offered $50,000 to help build the firehouse, and approximately $30,000 of professional fees were donated toward the design, engineering, soils test, legal and other fees for this fire station. An extensive evaluation was conducted using national criteria to determine the proper location for a fire station in the area served.

Downtown McCoy was determined to be the ideal location but no land was available. The Matlock property was only 0.4 miles from McCoy and determined to be well-suited for a fire station. This is what Hastings fought against.

The fire district board of directors accepted the Matlock land offer, against the wishes of Merrill Hastings, and Hastings fought it all the way, personally mounting a mail, petition and phone campaign against the firehouse being built anywhere but where Hastings demanded.

Although the Eagle River Fire Protection District expressed no interest in the fire district, a couple of years later that same Eagle River Fire chose to hold a special election to annex the Bond/McCoy area into its fire district at the encouragement of Merrill Hastings and disregarding the objections of the current fire district board of directors. Mike Lederhause filed a lawsuit in Eagle County court citing the special election was illegal because no physical polling place was provided, as required by Colorado statute. The special election proceeded but failed, and as a result Lederhause dropped the suit. If there is a sore loser in all of this, it’s Merrill Hastings.

At no time did Mike Lederhause campaign against the fire department; Hastings’ claims to the contrary are unfounded. Lederhause objected to annexing Bond/McCoy into the Eagle River Fire District, he never campaigned against maintaining a fire department, establishing a separate district, or annexing the fire department into the Greater Eagle Fire Protection District.

All this time Bond/McCoy could have had its own fire station and operational department serving the needs of the community. Instead, Hastings succeeded in obstructing and destroying that which he began, driving off many of the good volunteers, and what few remained allowed the trucks to freeze and spent most of the funds that were left. This is why the the fire district is now defunct.

As of now, Bond/McCoy still has no firehouse and the Matlock’s generous offer has since expired. Despite the inflammatory accusations Merrill Hastings unleashed at Mike Lederhause, it was ex-chairman Hastings who fought the decision of the board of directors, and through those efforts Hastings successfully obstructed and delayed and finally scuttled all deals to build a new firehouse. Others like Mike Lederhause are left to clean up the mess.

Today Lederhause is one of the people spearheading an effort to clean up another mess by petitioning to recall Arn Menconi. Eagle County needs more civic-minded citizens like Mike Lederhause, we all owe Mike a debt of gratitude.

Thomas Anderson

Proposal is anti-choice

I am writing to express my opposition to the attempt I understand is being made by a group of anti-choice hardliners known as Colorado for Equal Rights to get a proposed amendment to the Colorado Constitution on the ballot next November that would define a fertilized human egg as a “person” with full civil rights from the moment of conception.

This is absurd ” but also dangerous as, if passed, such an amendment would have sweeping consequences to individual decisions about whether to have a child or whether one can use birth control and what kind.

Anti-choice extremists often claim they are only trying to prevent abortion, but if that were really their goal, they wouldn’t focus on such a ballot measure. Rather, they would join with the bulk of the medical profession and such pro-choice groups as Planned Parenthood in providing people with access to the services they need to prevent unintended pregnancy ” like comprehensive, age-appropriate, medically accurate sex education and birth control.

I urge all readers to be aware of the real motives behind this group if they are approached to sign a petition allowing such amendment to be on the ballot. Whatever one’s position is on abortion or birth control, they are matters for individual decision by the parties involved, in consultation with their physician, not ones that should be dictated in a federal or state constitution.

Elizabeth G. Clark


Pick up after yourself

(Refer to the letter to the editor titled”Trash companies are messy.”)

No! The trash companies are not responsible for the stupidity of the trash owner, i.e.:

1. Put your crap in a bag and tie it up good!

2. You have “peanuts” in a box? Tape the box up.

3. Use common sense for the love of this beauty.

Eric, I hope you are not as hopeless as the rest of them!

Maggie Johnson

trash pick-up volunteer

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