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Letters: Prepare for fires

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Middle East peace

Cathleen Krahe in her recent letter, gave her “different perspective” on the Israel- Palestine situation, but, she certainly didn’t confuse the issues with the facts!

Could the “bias” of Washington for Israel be caused by the fact that Israel is the only Democratic nation in the middle of a cesspool of backward, corrupt nations?

Could it be because Israel has given back much land that it conquered after being attacked, such as the Sinai Peninsula, and Gaza? In return for this, Israel received suicide bombers and rockets, used against her civilians.

The deplorable conditions of the Palestinians, are caused by the fact that the original refugees that were produced by the creation of Israel, were purposefully and maliciously not allowed to be assimilated by other Arab countries Instead, they were kept in those horrible camps and bred with a diet of hate for these past 60 years, for the purpose of eventually destroying Israel.

This was the Arabs’ diabolical plan, and it has been working well. These refugees were formed because five Arab nations attacked Israel the day after it declared its Independence, and the Arabs lost.

These original refugees in 1948 numbered about 50,000, but they multiplied fast and now number in the millions. The City of Miami, assimilated more Cuban refugees than that, but, all the Arab nations with all their size and wealth would not allow those original 50,000 refugees to be assimilated. These Arab nations still, to this day, do not give refuge to these people.

The Palestinians also had the propensity to pick the worst leaders and supporters for the past 80 years. In World War I, it was Germany, in World War II, it was Hitler, in the Six-Day War, it was Arafat, in Desert Storm it was Saddam Hussein, and lastly, Hamas.

Hamas has refused to recognize Israel, and its terrorist track record is the reason that the West has imposed sanctions against it.

The slim hope for peace is that the pressure of these sanctions will cause Hamas to moderate its stance and cooperate with Israel and the West. This would finally give the Palestinian people a chance for a decent life.

Ms. Krahe says she got some of her information from “unnamed organization members” The organization must have been Hamas.

Dr. William S. Pintzow


Sheriff’s fire suggestions

The recent fires above Singletree and Eagle Ranch, along with the catastrophic fires in Utah and Lake Tahoe, only emphasis the potential dangerous conditions we face in Eagle County. Everyone should be aware of the extreme level of fire danger we are under and will be for some time.

I would like to recommend that all households consider creating a grab bag, so to speak, of essential items in case of an evacuation order. You should identify important documents (insurance, medical records, important prescription medicine, etc.) along with keepsake/sentimental items that you feel are absolutely essential to save. Post this list someplace conspicuous and have a discussion with all family members concerning the conditions we are dealing with. In case of separation during an evacuation, have a plan on where to meet or who to contact to make sure everyone is safe. If you are going out of town let a friend or family member know how to contact you in case of an emergency.

Some simple pre-planning could save you precious minutes in case of a fast-moving wildfire.

Sheriff Joe Hoy

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