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Letters: Public needs more say on tax hike

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Vail CO, Colorado

Get to know Ron Paul

This may be my last written letter for a while. I hope to get busy through the winter with the snow and the guests to our valley. But before I say goodbye, I wanted to ask of you all one last time to not only look at and investigate Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, but also to consider participating in the largest single day donation event for a presidential candidate, which is scheduled for Dec. 16, 2007 ” a “moneybomb” day for Dr. Paul.

Already Dr. Paul with his supporters raised $4.2 million on November 5 alone, almost eclipsing the last largest single-day donation which was to Democratic nominee John Kerry back in 2004. But I promise you that this December 16 will rain in a money-bomb to his campaign in the order of $6 million to $10 million on that day alone. To date, Dr. Paul has raised $16 million over three quarters of the year. This, when most gave him no chance at all.

December 16 is significant because it represents the day of the Boston Tea party, a day of revolution against our government that at the time was overstepping its bounds. Dr. Paul is completely an American and pro-America, pro-Constitution and pro-civil rights and liberty. He is especially pro-military although he’d rather protect our own shores versus that of the dirt and sand of distant lands. The media portrays him in a completely different light and it’s your responsibility to learn about him in your own right.

One generous philanthropist recently took out a full-page ad for him in USA Today, which ran November 21, titled, “A Message to the American People”. I hope you all got a chance to read it, to catch the last couple debates of which he has won almost all, and to take a sincere look at an honest man, one of the greatest persons to run for president since the likes of Ronald Reagan and surely that of John F. Kennedy.

Tavius Sims


Public has no say

Title: Why More Tax Is Needed

By: Strong-Arm Macaroni

I am your county commissar for the Eagle County Politburo. I am writing to inform you that we are once again forcing something down your throats, just as we did with the building moratorium, child care tax and all our land-use decisions we make in private meetings and secretive e-mails at the County Kremlin. This time, we are keeping all the additional taxes we will remove from your pockets due to the massive increases in our property assessments. Of course, you all thought we would allow some public input, but you are all fools to think so. Since it is, after all, your money, we thought we could at least give you advance notice that we will be using both hands to access your wallets from now on. Please, allow me to explain why we need this windfall.

First of all, as I mentioned in Saturday’s feeble explanation, most of our operating costs are the salaries, perks, bonuses and very healthy retirement accounts for our county comrades, including myself.

Second, since I have spent so much on my pet projects, including the gravel pit, A new fleet of Priuses, and my child care tax, we are now running out of money. I forgot about those pesky little things like road improvements, public safety, and our senior citizens, things we should be funding.

And finally, what ever gave you the idea that you had a voice in your government? Just because you voters passed taxing restrictions like TABOR to limit government spending, we will continue to find ways to bypass your efforts and votes. Hail to the party, comrades.

Karl Berger


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