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Letters: Red Canyon concerns

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Facts in Libby case

I enjoyed reading the “facts” as laid out by Ms. Stone on the Libby case.

Ms. Stone carefully traces the events that lead up to Scooter Libby’s conviction of obstruction of justice. She puts all of her facts in neat, orderly fashion using bullet points. It’s very easy to follow and understand each and every fact that supports the president’s “first” reason for going to war with Iraq.

However, I have to ask the question:

– Is it a fact that Novak received the Plame information from just one source?

– Is it a fact that the trial was a witch hunt?

– Is it a fact that the trial was a waste of taxpayers’ money?

– Is it a fact that the prosecutor, selected by the president, was after the vice-president?

– Is it a fact that Valerie Plame is a blonde bimbo?

– Is it a fact that the only undercover work Valerie Plame ever did was between the sheets?

– Is it a fact that the facility at Tuwaitha was a nuclear weapons development facility?

– Is it a fact that the forgery information from the Italian is true?

– Is it a fact if Tony Blair says it?

I do know one fact: Ms. Stone should get her facts correct and put them in neatly ordered bullet points and then use those facts to support her opinion.

Kirk Aker


Stand by Red Canyon

I just heard that they were thinking about closing Red Canyon High School because Battle Mountain went over budget on their new state of the art locker rooms and athletics field. You’ve got to be kidding me.

I am speaking to you now as a proud Red Canyon graduate and I am disgusted and outraged by this proposition. This school was created for the purpose of educating students who didn’t make it at other schools such as Battle Mountain.

Let’s face it, folks, not everyone benefits from a traditional learning environment. If we take that chance away from them, where will they be? I think all of you should re-think your priorities. Not every student is an athlete. Not every student plans to get a scholarship to the University of Colorado or be a pro football player. Is it really fair to take that chance of receiving an outstanding high school education so that the Huskies can have some new grass to smear on their jerseys?

I don’t think so.

I am a living example of what Red Canyon does for this valley. Four years ago my once-4.0 GPA dropped to a 1.5 in a matter of one year at Battle Mountain. I did not benefit from the traditional learning environment. Then my friend recommended me to Red Canyon and I flourished in their unique classes, one-on-one teaching methods, and personal attention to me. The teachers all actually knew my name. Not just the girl from third period.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe the athletics program at Battle Mountain is outstanding, and necessary for many students, but is it worth it to take away the second chance that so many of us deserve?

Today, I have been accepted to a prestigious art college on the West Coast and my accumulated high school GPA rose to a 3.5. If Red Canyon hadn’t been there for me, I would be working a nine-to-five with a GED.

Please reconsider your decision to cut Red Canyon out, because I will stand behind what that school represents until you nail the lid shut on my coffin.

Jesi Fox

Editor’s note: The Eagle County Schools Board of Education is planning to rebuild Red Canyon High School. The school is slated to re-open in Jan. 2008. In the meantime, Red Canyon High students will attend class at the Colorado Mountain College campus in Edwards.

The Board of Education also has not made a decision about the future Battle Mountain High School stadium.

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