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Letters: Rockies should be ashamed

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

No crime in Libby case

Does it not seem ridiculous that a man could be prosecuted and condemned to a long term of imprisonment because of an alleged minor inconsistency of testimony in a case where it is admitted that there was no crime and no victim?

Such is the case of Scooter Libby.

1. Mr. Libby was not charged with breaking the “Intelligence Identities Protection Act”

2. Nobody was ever charged with breaking that law designed to shield the names of covert agents. Patrick Fitzgerald, the prosecutor determined that the law had not been broken.

3. Richard Armitage, the person who disclosed the name of Valerie Plame to Richard Novak, was known to all before the trial began to grind through the system.

4. The trial was a Salem witch hunt and never should have occurred, and was a total waste of taxpayer money. Patrick Fitzgerald was really after Dick Cheney, Libby’s boss. Libby was convicted of obstructing the investigation of a non-crime.

5. Valerie Plame, Wilson’s third wife is a blond bimbo who never was under cover unless it was between bed sheets.

6. Niger exports uranium, chickpeas, and onions, and mostly uranium.

7. In the ’80s, Niger exported 270,000 tons of uranium to Iraq. Between 1999 and 2001 Niger was engaged in illicit negotiations over the export of its “yellow cake” uranium ore with North Korea, Libya, Iraq, Iran and China. Over 500 tons of yellow cake uranium were found stored at Saddam’s Tuwaitha nuclear weapons development facility secured by U.S.. troops after the invasion.

8. The British intelligence report on this matter cited by President Bush has never been disowned or discredited. The discredited document was a forgery. It was a version of the true information fabricated by an Italian con man. It was not a fake, it was a forgery.

9. Responding to Joe Wilson’s 2003 July report Prime Minister Tony Blair told reporters: “In case people should think that the whole idea of a link between Iraq and Niger was some invention, In the 1980s we know for sure that Iraq purchased about 270 tons of uranium from Niger.”

10. If Americans were aware of these facts, the debate over Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction would have been decided in President Bush’s favor long ago.

Henri Stone


Rockies shown up

I did not see anything in the Daily applauding the Phillies’ players for coming to the rescue of the Rockies’ grounds crew on Sunday. It was pathetic to not see any of the Rockies players, except for LaTroy Hawkins, come out and help.

These are the people who keep the field in perfect condition for these overpaid players to play on, and here they were being tossed around like rag dolls by the wind.

Way to go, Phillies, for being real men. I am glad that the Phillies did not lose their 10,000th game to the Rockies.

Danny Bergeron


Unsafe under Bush

The Bush fanatics would have us believe that fighting terrorists in their home will prevent them from attacking us here. Recent events in the U.K. prove otherwise. The people who planned the bombs in London and Glasgow were stimulated to action by the involvement of the British in the U.S.-led invasion and occupation of a sovereign, peaceful nation ” Iraq.

I have always believed that the policies of Bush and co-extremists has made the U.S. less safe because it has enraged moderates all over the world to oppose us.

The other day support for my view came from an unlikely source. I casually picked up the magazine Homeland Security Today (www.HSToday.us) and was shocked by the editorial from David Silverberg. In the May magazine, he said “Today we’re in a world of pre-emption when the mere suspicion of weapons of mass destruction considered a cassus belli. Pursuing this doctrine hasn’t gained the U.S. any security. In fact it has produced the opposite. … By casting aside the rules and norms created and maintained by the U.S. ever since World War II “we’re not defeating weapons of mass destruction, we’re not spreading democracy and, over the long term we’re certainly not securing the homeland.”

This scathing denunciation of Bush’s belligerent policies is underlined by recent statements from prominent Republicans (Richard Lugar, Colin Powell, et al) that Iraq needs a drastic new direction. We are less safe under the leadership of the Bush-Cheney neocons.

Call your congressperson to insist that our government choose a new direction.

Tom McCalden


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