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Letters: Sailor misses Vail Valley

Chris Leeper
Bremerton, Wash.

I would like to start off by saying how grateful I am to be a part of the United States Navy. I have been a sailor in the Navy for about six months and my only regret for joining is leaving the valley.

It is Christmas Eve and I’m stuck in Bremerton, Wash. with no family or friends. I never realized how much we take what we have for grated. For example, I never thought how important my family meant to me until now. Sitting with a few other lonely sailors with no place to go on Christmas Eve made me realize that even though we are fighting for your freedom we need your support to make it through these tough times. Until these rough times are over please sent your prayers and wishes to the young men sacrificing there time to keep us all safe.

Happy Holidays from the squids from WESPAC.

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