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Letters: School cracked down on kid’s mohawk

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

You’ll be missed

Don Rogers,

You’ve done it now! What are we going to do now that you will not be around for your detractors to vent their spleens with vitriolic turpitude against you for seemingly murderous and evil editing and writing. I can see Michael Cacioppo and Mike Reed wildly jumping up-and-down, thrashing their arms and flagellating themselves with brown pine-beetle bows now that you will no longer be within striking distance.

Of course there are many others, me included, who do appreciate what you have done as the editor of the Vail Daily and perhaps, mentally, wish you well in your new endeavors at the Record-Courier in Gardnerville, Nev.

That area is spectacularly beautiful to view when one skis from the California side of Heavenly to the Nevada side. Will your Vail pass work there?

Good luck.

Fletcher MacNeill


Green ‘do no threat

Today, my second-grader learned a valuable lesson at Eagle Valley Elementary School, but it was not one I am proud the school is teaching ” that it is OK to randomly make up rules to suit your personal preference.

My son, proud of his newly cut and dyed green mohawk, was told he is not allowed to spike or color his hair anymore. He was heartbroken. I am outraged. There are NO school policies at this school against having colored or spiked hair. Furthermore, my son’s ‘do is not an obnoxious mohawk that stands way up in the air. It is a respectable 2 inches high.

Last time I checked, our teachers are not meant to act as dictators who can act frivolously without accountability. This teacher’s justification for banning the ‘do was that the other children thought it was cool. So cool, in fact, that she thought it was a distraction. I would argue that it is a novelty that will quickly pass, and that if she had any control over her classroom a child’s hairdo would be of very little concern or distraction. If my son’s hair trumps the lesson, perhaps the lesson needs some spicing up anyway.

I doubt that no other child wears spikes, or that every teacher’s hair color is natural.

I challenge school officials to answer these questions:

1. At what age is it acceptable to have a green mohawk in school? I have seen MANY secondary school students wearing one.

2. What other unwritten bans should I be afraid of so as to not have him humiliated again?

3. What are my options for having what this teacher did addressed? The principal of Eagle Valley Elementary was quite flippant about my concern.

My son will continue to wear his green mohawk until I am convinced that his hairdo is truly a threat to education.

Alison Miller


Veterans’ awareness

It was a great National Veterans Awareness Week (Nov. 11 to 17) for VFW Post 10721 and especially for our school Veterans’ Day patriotic assemblies.

It’s hard to believe that it was our 21st year to be honored at Red Sandstone Elementary School in Vail. Other school assemblies were held at: Battle Mountain High School, Meadow Mountain Elementary School, Berry Creek Middle School, St. Clare’s, Vail Academy, Eagle Valley High School and the Eagle County Charter Academy. At every school we were welcomed with open arms, our service to this country was appreciated, and we were provided more food than we could consume.

The luncheon at Meadow Mountain was a feast and very much appreciated.

Our programs were all possible due to the caliber of guest speakers and veterans attending the assemblies. A special thank you to our school guest speakers and Eagle Valley High briefers ” Sandy Treat, Daryl Woodworth, Robert Fickes, Amy

VanGoey, Buddy Sims, Herb Rubinstein, Butch Mazzuca, Pat Hammon, Gary Thornton, Deanna Tuley, Dan Smith, Kenton Krohlow, Larry Roush, and Tim Cochrane. Those additional veterans attending also deserve a pat on the back.

Finally a special recognition goes to Gary and Kristofer Thornton for playing “Taps” at the close of each ceremony. I can only give all of you a big THANK YOU for your dedicated service and participation this year. I felt it was our best year!

Part of the week also included our Veterans’ Day Ceremony at Freedom Park. The turnout was impressive. The color guard made the front page of the Vail Daily and the community support and general comments at the ceremony made it all worthwhile. That was our fifth year with many more to follow on future Veterans Days.

Thanks again to all who were involved at the schools and on Veterans Day.

Buddy Sims

VFW Post 10721


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