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Letters: Starbucks in Eagle Ranch?

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Buy local, Eagle

Regarding shopping in Eagle, an article was written in The Vail Daily, dated Feb. 10, 2007 called Building Community Character stated that, “Town leaders can only do so much to protect their towns. The citizens, in the end, are responsible for keeping their communities thriving by eating in local restaurants, shopping in local shops and using local amenities.”

This statement is the very truth of the matter. I would like to encourage all home owners in Eagle to keep this in mind when shopping.

I, personally, buy everything I can at The Eagle Pharmacy, then, go to City Market or elsewhere. Did you know that you can order certain items that they don’t have in stock? All you have to do is ask.

One more thing ” Eagle Ranch is about to get a Starbucks … what a shame to put it in such a nice, “pure” neighborhood. Let’s not homogenize our community with franchises; dare to keep our community unique ” buy your morning coffee at one of our, already existing, locally owned coffee shops!

Annie Egan


Vail plan won’t work

As a management consultant for the last 40 years I’ve encountered many questionable plans in both industry and government. However, I’ve never run across anything quite so dumb as the town’s proposal to mandate the use of the proposed new central delivery docks and subsequently figure out how they will be used.

The “build-it-and-they will-come” vision may work well in Hollywood fantasies, but in business it usually and rightly results in the replacement of the responsible


Bob Bush


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