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Letters: Support for Hitt for Vail mayor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Dateline incorrect

As Scott Harp’s grandfather, I thank you for printing his third report on his school year in Taipei, Taiwan as a Rotary Youth Exchange student ” but please note, he is not in Beijing. However, while the Rotary clubs in the Vail Valley and in Taiwan appreciate the recognition of the program, I am sure that his host club members will be mortified by the location line stating he wrote his report from Beijing. Consequently, to correct this situation, I would appreciate it if you will print this letter as a correction. The dateline (location) should have been: Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China, not Beijing, China. I am sure that, while the members of the Taipei Rotary Club support Scott in all of his student work, this article will upset his friends in Taiwan to no end. Taipei, Taiwan (Republic of China) and Beijing (People’s Republic of China) are arch rivals. It is almost like stating that Bush was speaking from the White House in Tehran, Iran.

It is necessary for the readers to understand the political situation, commonly called the Two China problem. First, Beijing considers Taiwan a break-away district (province) of China; whereas the Taiwanese considers themselves a separate country demanding an equal seat in the United Nations. The situation is so acute that years ago the U.S. signed a treaty with Taiwan stating that if China ever attached Taiwan, the U.S. would immediately come to their defense. The politically situation is intense between the two parties and what Taipei is looking for is a better understanding by the American people regarding their circumstances.

Again, thanks for publishing Scott’s article. I am sure that many in the valley are interested in his studies abroad.

Richard Dangler


Hitt for Vail mayor

The Simba Run staff supports Farrow B. Hitt to be Vail’s next mayor. We know and experience daily his love and enthusiasm for the Town of Vail. He and his family represent Vail’s future. He is hard-working, honest, diplomatic and devoted to Vail’s best interests and well-being. He’s been Vail’s mayor pro tem for the past year, training under Rod Slifer and now ready to take over the reins for the next phase of Vail’s exciting growth. He’s a born leader!

Best of luck,

Jeffrey, Michele and the Simba Run staff

Goose will never be wild

I was sad to see the article about Emma the goose and her new home. Sure, I guess it’s good that she has shelter and food for the winter, but she will never be a wild goose after this. It would have been much better for her if we could have found a flock of wild geese for her to winter with.

I know that she would have been accepted by them, she hung out with the two flocks that had stopped at Bighorn Park this fall. She then could have learned to be a goose, and maybe even find a mate and live a happy life as a wild goose.

Carol Rossi


Hydroelectric solutions?

Black Gore Creek Valley is a perfect place to produce hydroelectricity. Not only could the existing lakes be significantly enlarged, but a series of lakes all down through the valley could use the same water to generate more power.

We would accomplish so many positive and enviromentally sound programs, become a whitewater mecca, increase the fishing and waterfowl habitat, all of which would bring in huge extra dollars to the county, in an enviromentally friendly way.

We should have been off fossil fuels decades ago if it wasn’t for the greedy oil industry, which apparently runs the country. I’m all for alternative sources of energy, with the exception of ugly, bird mulching wind power.

Colorado is the perfect place to start setting a green standard. We live in one of most beautiful places on the planet, but all we seem to be able to contribute to the state and the planet is to destroy the West Slope with the gas industry.

It doesn’t take a “quantum mechanic” to figure out that we are running out of resources, including clean water, air, and polluting the oceans. Not to mention killing off thousands of species of plants and animals, many of which we have not yet even identified.

As Lori Russell stated a few months ago in a letter to the editor, all the problems facing humans are due to overpopulation. I attended a lecture in ’71 or ’72 by the most prolific science-fact and science-fiction writer in history, Issac Asimov. The title of the lecture was “The nature of man”. The analogy he made in the lecture was that man is nothing but a cancer on the face of the Earth. Not in any hateful way, just the facts.

Steve Dziekan

Thanks for speaking out

The day before the election, following an hour and a half-long executive session with its legal counsel, the Eagle County School District Board of Education voted unanimously to rescind its decision to give $2.5 million to the Eagle County Charter Academy. In doing so, the board indicated that it would defer the issue of funding the charter school’s building until March 2008, and implied it would do so in a more open and forthright manner.

That these board members made a responsible decision is the direct result of the considerable efforts of parents, teachers, and other concerned voters. You took the time and effort to show up at meetings, send e-mails, and make phone calls to the board, write letters to the editor, and make online comments in the Vail Daily. Many of you did so in spite of personal discomfort with speaking out on this particular issue. Without your efforts, this action would likely have passed without serious challenge. Thank you.

Thanks also to Don Rogers and Tamara Miller of the Vail Daily for being willing to comment on this issue and to give it the coverage it deserved.

And special thanks to the staff members of the Eagle County School District Office for your prompt and professional responses to my numerous questions and requests for information; for accommodating me while I pored through past meeting minutes and agendas and listened to meeting tapes; and for doing all of this ” without complaint ” while having to deal with the already considerable demands of your jobs.

Mike Matzko

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