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Letters: Talk of Vail raise clouding tax issue

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Raise, tax are separate issues

It seems our credibility has been called into question by the Vail Daily editorial staff. Why? It is because we had the courage to stand up for our convictions in approving a modest compensation increase ” not for us but for future leaders of this community.

The $150 per-month increase for Vail Town Council members is effective Jan. 1, 2008 and represents the first such increase in a decade. It is intended to help make public service achievable to bright new leaders who couldn’t otherwise afford to be away from their jobs or their families. By the way, the mayor’s compensation remains the same.

While it might have been easier to let another council address the compensation increase, I’m proud to have joined my colleagues in voting our conscience rather than being swayed by an editorial questioning our integrity as public servants.

While I’m deeply disappointed the Vail Daily has used this decision to cloud a constructive debate on the merits of the upcoming construction use-tax ballot question, it is my hope that Vail’s electorate will separate the two issues and evaluate the tax on its own merits. For example, should there be exemptions if the tax is passed? Should affordable housing or household construction projects be exempted? These are the kinds of questions that will be placed before the next council if the tax is approved.

As for me, I’ll be voting “yes” as I am confident the new Town Council will implement the tax in a fair and equitable manner. By passing a Vail construction materials tax, Vail will receive the tax, not the community where you purchased the materials. Given Vail’s maturity and its long-term maintenance and repair needs, this tax deserves thoughtful consideration from every voter who will be taking part in the Nov. 6 election.

Rod Slifer

Vail Mayor

Help at the Home Depot

You can do it. We can help. It’s a phrase most handy folk ” or in my case, not so much ” are familiar with. We’ve all been there. Off to Home Depot for the real life, do-it-yourself experience.

Home Depot regularly boasts commercials with personal appeal and ease. Not unlike other service-related industries, however, you too have likely struggled to get an able body to assist you with your Mr. Fix-It question. Well, I consider myself an ever-present participant in the art of hospitality. Simply put, it is what I do. And may I say, there is a new sheriff in Home Depot Town. His name is Chad.

I walked into Home Depot last weekend with trepidation, not only for my lack of personal skill, but also because I was anticipating a struggle for assistance. I ran into a friend who was working with Chad. Grateful for the coincidence, I humbly requested assistance from the Home Depot associate immediately following my friend’s. “My pleasure,” says the capable orange-vested associate.

Two minutes later I am escorted to my aisle of choice, plumbing. I mention to my guide my lack of skill and the fact that I will be a “hero'”if I am able to replace my toilet bowl flush mechanism. “No problem,” Home Depot Champion says. “Believe me … If I can explain the install … you can do it.”

“Imagine that,” I say to myself. Genuine interest and empathy for my basic human need ” home repair with no bonafide skill.

Well, the repair was done at home in 10 minutes. I confidently displayed a Captain-Morgan salute to my wife as I stood on one foot in the center of our home immediately following the do-it-yourself project. “I’m impressed,” my wife boasts. “Seriously. I am impressed.”

Chad, Mr. Home Depot, I, kind sir, also am very impressed.

I learned prior to checkout that Chad is the new manager for our Vail Valley Home Depot. As a local, I appreciate the value of a truly service-oriented professional.

Chad, you have a bright future ahead of you. Any leader who can proudly sport the same orange apron as his or hers hard-working, and in some cases, overworked and under-appreciated staff members, is not only a leader, he is a leader with a great future.

Fellow do-it-yourselfers: Find Chad. You can do it. He can help.

Welcome to our valley, Chad. Certainly seems to me you are the right guy for the job.

Scott Mason

Country isn’t ruined

Mr. Cacioppo and everyone else who thinks everyone else is at fault for everything bad happening: Nobody is ruining our country. It is remarkably the same as it has always been.

Revisionists have existed since the time of Christ. The Bible has been revised more times than historians are even able to trace. My point is: the paradigm that you carry with you is full of revisions that you will never be able to detect or see.

The world will not be made better by conserving or liberating to any extreme. If there is so much tension with one particular group of liberals against conservatives, perhaps they are having an equal and opposite reaction to a particular conservative act or acts. There is a lot of disagreement between liberals and conservatives at this time but nobody is ruining anything, except our own moods and dispositions.

I found your letter to be remarkably motivated, though entirely unconvincing. If you are concerned about the name of the sex offender or a judge, you should go find out who they are. And if Columbus, who lived and died 400 years ago is such a motivation to you, your life would be well served by working to increase the presence of your knowledge in the general public, not to mention enlightening the people around you who disagree. And if you don’t trust the liberal media, begin contributing to the media you do believe in, with your degree and everything else. Perhaps this will give you the peace of mind to know you are making a difference.

As for the revisionists, they are visible due to the masses behind the movement who are not visible. I can see how this frustrates you, but please treat it like a call to action.

As for me, I believe in revising Columbus Day, but if I’m wrong, I really do want to know how my view is wrong and how I went so wayward. I don’t think that any person who is ruining the country, according to you, however, believes it from reading what you wrote.

Personally, sir, I feel sorry for your disposition, which is clearly one that is upset by things that will continue to pester you because you cannot control them. Perhaps if you focused in on action and not reaction, you would begin to participate with others like yourself in a world full of revisionists who are not ruining the country: they are the country.

Caroline C. Blaker


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