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Letters: Tigers should go extinct?

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

It’s not up to you

This is regarding your tiger farming article:

Since to you keeping tigers captive is a form of abuse and you rather see them extinct than saved through captive breeding, how do you feel about disabled people? Since their quality of life is not the same as that of a healthy person, should we just not treat badly injured or disabled people? Should we just let them die, because “almighty you” decided their quality of life is not worth living, the way you decided for tigers that they should go extinct rather than be saved through commercialization?

By the way, have you ever visited any of the Chinese breeding farms or are you just assuming it is a horrible place to be?

Zuzana Kukol

Keep skier shuttle

“If you’re going to promote development that minimizes the requirement of cars, you need a mass-transit system to accommodate that so it can work.” That’s a quote from Larry Brooks, the Avon town manager, in a recent article in the Vail Daily regarding the abolishment of the Avon to the Beaver Creek Village skier shuttle as it existed. I would like to take exception with the belief that next winter’s transit system will work to the advantage of anyone needing to commute from the town of Avon to the Village of Beaver Creek.

Scenario No. 1 is a family staying in Avon for the increased options of restaurants and entertainment facilities as well as a more economical place to stay. They need to start their day at the main base area to enroll the kids in ski school and want to have a leisurely breakfast at the village.

Prior to the new “better idea,” our family could board one bus, and approximately 20 minutes later they could be at the main base ready to start their day. Now, here is what our future guests have to look forward to:

Getting on the first bus at their lodging of choice, they are bused to the new multimillion-dollar Avon transportation facility directly across the street from the existing working location. Upon arriving there, they must get off the first bus and walk 400 feet with all their gear, probably wearing ski boots, to the base of the new gondola located at the Westin Resort. They now must get back in line to get on the gondola and cross U.S. Highway 6 or travel to the base of the Beaver Creek Landing. A “base facility” that offers no facilities or amenities.

Now our group must get off the gondola and walk again to the Landing bus stop and get in line again to get onto a Beaver Creek parking lot shuttle that is now probably loaded to the gills due to the fact that it has already stopped at two major parking-area stops and the employee-housing complex on Highway 6 prior to this one and now have to risk that there will not be available space on their only way to get to the base of Beaver Creek.

Question: Does that sound like the way you would expect to start your vacation day at a world-class ski resort? Now add the fact that after a hard day of skiing or riding, now they have to reverse the process.

The second scenario involves the hundreds of employees at the dozens of businesses and the Beaver Creek ski area. Do you think they will be using the “mass-transit system” as conceived by the town of Avon and adding significant time to their daily commute? Trust me, I won’t be. I will be adding to the traffic, potential pollution issues, parking problems, etc., by driving to the West Lot and riding the parking-lot shuttle to the base and spend the time I save in bed with my wife or other more productive endeavors, rather than ride the Avon-Westin Resort merry-go-round. Hmmm, wait a minute. I thought all the changes to a “more efficient shuttle system” were supposed to “promote development that minimizes the requirement of cars.”

Guess I missed something, or did, possibly, someone else?

We need a direct Avon-to-the-village transportation system, period. Our valued guests and the employees who make all this possible deserve nothing less. We need all the involved entities to put their heads together and make it happen. Town of Avon, please don’t blow the chance to make this right in the eyes of our valued guests.

After all, you don’t want them to go somewhere else, do you?

Cameron Hancock


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