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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Republicans say no

The Eagle County Republicans wish to affirm and clearly state that we stand by the strong decision at the county assembly against home rule. Those in support of home rule, shamelessly act as if the voters aren’t intelligent enough to see that this is an attempt to ill-legitimize and discount our November vote of no. Home rule is still home rule.

Cosmetic changes do not change the fact that it is still home rule. The voters clearly stated that they wanted Eagle County to remain a statutory county. Our current form of county governance provides for the best oversight. Home rule itself is plagued with problems and loop holes, which allow it to be easily exploited.

Ask yourself why the county leadership is so passionate about home rule. It is not because they want to limit their own power or authority. The reverse is true. They in fact want more freedom from state level control. This can and will only lead to exploitation and misuse of the powers of the county government.

The county commissioners, led by Peter Runyon, purposely adopted misleading and vague ballot language to mask over the truth behind home rule to fool the voters. Please join us, together with our Democrat and independent friends in sending the message back to the charter commission that no means no!

Randall Nichols


Eagle County Republicans

Prescription vitamins?

To the happy, healthy residents of this fine valley I ask of you all to visit http://www.healthfreedomusa.org before the deadline of April 30.

This is in regards to the Food and Drug Administration’s new pressure of wanting to soon designate all supplements, minerals, vitamins, etc. as medicines! These medicines will then only be accessible through your doctor and through your pharmacist.

Other parts of the world have felt the pressure of the organization named Codex Alimentarius, meaning “food rules” in Latin, and they have already experienced what the U.S. is now facing. In other parts of the globe, vitamin C is only available with a prescription. Why? Because big pharmaceutical companies benefit and the industry can take control of not just their own prescription drugs but also the natural side of things. Please petition.

Tavius Sims


Patient safety

The Kimberly Linn McDonald sponsored its second annual Patient Safety Awareness luncheon on March 8. This year we received support from the Vail Valley Medical Center with an introduction from CEO Greg Repetti.The presentation by guest speakers, Dr. Van Pelt, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Linda Kenney, director and founder of MITSS ( Medical Induced Trauma Support Services) helped to raise awareness as to the staggering number of medical errors in this country. The Institute for Healthcare estimates that nearly 15 million incidents of harm occur in the U.S. every year.

I was very disappointed that the Vail Daily chose not to acknowledge or report on the luncheon. (A very informative article appeared in the Vail Trail, “When good care goes bad” on April 4.) The issue of medical error is one that affects us all, and is why the KLM Foundation sponsored the luncheon in conjunction with the Five Million Lives Campaign, a national effort to reduce preventable deaths in U.S. hospitals. As a community we need to continue to work together to educate people on patient safety and other issues that effect patient care.

Tama Levine


Political aspirations?

Soon you will be asked to vote for a second time on adopting home rule for Eagle County. There are several points that you should consider when voting:

This measure failed in the November election, but some of the home rule commission did not understand the word no. Now they are spending your tax dollars to bring this up again.

Two of the commission members ran for the office of county commissioner in the November election. Possibly three of the current Home Rule Commission members have indicated a desire to run again for county commissioner if this measure were to pass. The question is, are they pursuing this current election so that they may have a chance to run for the office they create or are they really doing it for the good of the county? I suggested to the commission that they put a stipulation in the charter prohibiting any of the Home Rule Commission members from running for any of the positions that are created by the passage of this charter.They chose to ignore my suggestion.

The best part of the original charter was left out of the current charter. That was making the elections nonpartisan and doing away with the county assembly process.

The Home Rule Commission thinks you, the voters, did not understand what you were voting for. If that is the case, we don’t know if you understood anything on the ballot and maybe we should have the entire election over again and tell those candidates who won that the voters just did not understand. It seems you understood that the child care tax was a bad idea and voted against it, and you must have thought the school tax was good and voted for it. Be sure and vote and tell them again what no means.

We don’t need special-interest groups of citizens proposing referendums and creating more government. If an issue is worthy of a referendum it should be taken to the Board of County Commissioners and promoted. If the commissioners don’t listen to the public and cannot understand the will of the citizens they can be recalled. We just don’t need more government.

Presently, commissioners are supposed to only discuss county business in a public meeting. The proposed charter would let two commissioners discuss county business in private. This is a bad idea but is supported by at least some of the current commissioners.

The current Board of County Commissioner’s already have the power to adopt a code of ethics. Are they responsible enough to do it?

Just let the Home Rule Commission know that you understand that they are wasting your money in a second election for what appears to be a move to create a position for themselves on the county government. We don’t need two more of what we already have. Please vote no on home rule.

Mike Lederhause

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