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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Step forward

The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the “legislative” ban on partial-birth abortion should be regaled as a step forward in restoring dignity and civility in the treatment of all human beings.

How horribly ironic it is that at the time when the worse massacre in this country by one human being inflicted on 32 innocent others brought shock and outrage throughout the world, a connection cannot be made that all human life is sacred.

There is no reason, medical or otherwise, to condone this horrific procedure. Most of us cannot even bear to hear how or imagine the procedure utilized to kill a baby in this manner. PETA activists would have one imprisoned for doing this to an animal.

The very idea that partial-birth abortion should stand because pro-abortion activists see all abortion rights being terminated is very sad indeed. I would like to see women never choose abortion over life but my beliefs are inspired not by religion but by human decency. We have in our current culture devalued human life, in part by the killing of the unborn, and it has a rippling effect into our attitudes towards the value of our elders, the sick and each other.

Madeline Moos


Dogs and God

I am a vacationer to this lovely country and I enjoy especially the Vail Valley.

Now on another note, what I find as a Christian very disturbing is the fact that so many people, even Christians, are using the name of God in conversations and jokes, i.e. “Oh my God” or “Jesus Christ.” In due respect, these holy words should only be used for prayers or for the Lord’s help.

My second point goes to the dog owners. It should be the responsibility of every dog owner to keep their dogs under control at all times. It is indeed annoying and not right to be confronted or disrupted by threatening and uncontrollable dogs while out for a walk or run. Nevertheless, all of you folks here can count your blessings of what a beautiful place you have here.

R. Uberbacher

Visitor from Austria

Learn to drive

This is a note to let you people in Eagle County or wherever that you really need to learn how to drive.

I travel through Eagle and Avon five days a week and I drive in the left lane the whole way because I go above 75 mph. I have people every single time I’m going to work driving in the left lane and I have to get close to their bumper just so they see me. And how does the situation help when you slam on your brakes? You wanna cause an accident? Just stay in the right lane and get over in the left lane to pass semis, etc.

Don’t be a jerk and drive slow in the fast lane. People have places to go and people to see and that’s why they created the fast lane. It’s their option to risk getting a ticket or not, not your job to judge their speed by slamming on your brakes. Much appreciated.

Douglas McKiernan


Jazzed with success

The Vail Jazz Foundation extends its warmest thanks to the many individuals and organizations that made our ninth year of Jazz Goes to School such a success. Over 1,000 local fourth- and fifth-graders enjoyed learning about jazz in the classroom and were treated to a fabulous concert at the Vilar Center recently, where some of their original blues were performed.

Special thanks go out to Alpine Bank, Integrity Mortgage, City Market, Colorado Mountain Express, Vilar Center, Vail Valley Foundation, Destination Hotels, Colorado Council on the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation and Wal-Mart Foundation. We thank Sherezada Milfeld and Sallie Dean for translating our final school flyer into Spanish to help parents understand what their kids are raving about when they share their jazz experiences at home!

In addition, thanks to Tony Gulizia and the wonderful sextet he put together for the Vilar Center ” Andy Hall, Joey Gulizia, Roger Neumann, Walter “Scotty” Scott and Michael Pujado.

Lastly, we thank each of the 13 elementary schools in the region, whose parent-teacher organizations endorse and support the Jazz Goes to School curriculum understand the value of what we bring through this unique educational program.

To date, the Vail Jazz Foundation has educated about 10,000 local students about jazz and related topics in math, social studies and history ” and we look forward to returning to your classrooms next year with more jazz fun and an expanded program for the 2007-2008 school year!

Robin Litt

Executive Director

Vail Jazz Foundation

Guns not games

Am I the only one who believes that Heather Lemon’s recent article “The smoking gun at Virginia Tech” glosses over the need for a meaningful discussion about gun control?

I appreciate the sincere sadness and concerns she raises about violence in our society ” “We are incubating a viral culture of violence” ” through the proliferation of violence in our popular culture. Heather seems to presents ample statistics in arguing for gun control, not against it. So where is the logic in “The smoking gun in not the 9mm Glock”?

In this case, the smoking gun was in the hands of someone who should have never had access to it in the first place. Can we please also talk about this? I find it a knee-jerk reaction, and too much the NRA party line, to simply dismiss the need for a discussion on gun control after such a tragedy takes place.

As an avid hunter, and a gun owner, I have never felt as though my rights were threatened by reasonable proposals for hand gun control. Before too many more innocent lives are lost, it is time for our society to consider laws that keep guns out of the hands of those who would harm their fellow human beings.

Markian Feduschak


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