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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Scam alert

I have just found out I have been scammed. I am sharing my story with you in hopes that maybe just one person can avoid the heartache and headache we are going through.

About one month ago we placed our metal bunk beds for sale in the Vail Daily for $500. A few days later we received a phone call from Michael Armstrong at (705) 770-0649. He wanted to purchase the bed, sight unseen, asked that we hang on to it and he would send a cashier’s check to our P.O. box. About one week later we received a cashier’s check for the bed. Along with the $500 for the bed was $1,400 for another person’s six-piece living room set. According to Michael, they were moving to the area and wanted to have a few things when they arrived. Anyway, I contacted Michael at the number he gave us and explained to him he had sent too much and asked what he would like us to do with the balance. He replied his wife was an idiot and should have cut two checks for the two different purchases. He then asked me to cash the cashier’s check and hold the money for the other party.

When I had cashed the check I contacted him to let him know I had the cash. He said he would contact the other party and we can meet to exchange the balance. He called me back saying it would be easier if I would just send the balance back to him via money-gram. I explained to him I couldn’t do that immediately but would try to get it taken care of by the afternoon. I went to Wal-Mart, 50 miles out of my way and 1-and-a-half hours later, sent the $1,400 minus the fee to the recipient Michael had requested. I didn’t want to hold on to the balance because I thought the other person selling their furniture would be patiently waiting. After sending the money gram I contacted Michael and gave him the money gram reference number. He said he would call us Friday to arrange to pick up the bed. We didn’t hear from him Friday or Saturday. Monday morning I received a call from our bank stating the check had to be charged back to our savings account ($1,900) due to the fact that it was fraudulent. The cashier’s check was drawn on a legitimate bank, however, the ABA routing number was not correct.

I am eight months pregnant with our fifth planned child. We are in no position physically let alone financially to afford this just like most anyone else. I just hope others can learn from this experience. I know we will never get our money back.

Melissa Johnson


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