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Letters to the Editor

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Till the bell ringsThe Eagle County School District has implemented a security plan that includes two types of emergency lockdowns, as well as evacuation procedures. I can understand this, considering the recent tragedies across the nation. What I cannot understand is how the school district can believe their security plan is effective, given the way it has been executed this school year. Brush Creek Elementary School has had two instances (that I know of), where they put the plan into action. Both times, the perceived threat was approximately 60 miles away (Rifle and Parachute), but the school district felt it was necessary to put the school on external lockdown. School is dismissed at 2:50 p.m., and on these two days, as on every other school day, when the bell rang, the children were let out of the school building to get on a bus, ride their bikes, or walk home. I heard about the lockdowns, not from the school but from my son, who wasn’t allowed out on the playground during school, but was allowed to ride his bike home after school was let out. How can the school district be satisfied with a plan that protects our children during school hours, and lets them out to go home when the bell rings, regardless of the danger that kept them inside all day? How can a threat just vaporize at 2:50 p.m.? Under whose authority are these lockdowns being implemented? Who decides when to cancel a lockdown? If the school district determines the need for a lockdown in the schools, it is their responsibility to notify all of the parents of the threat, and to keep all of the children until they are safely picked up by a parent or a responsible party. Cindy CallicrateEagle Watch the debateI just wanted to give the Vail Daily readers the heads-up for the Republican South Carolina debate, which will air on Fox News this upcoming Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST. It will feature the top 10 candidates and one who I believe stands far above the pack, Ron Paul, whose alignment alongside the Constitution and whose focus on privacy for the citizen stand true. He’s a 7- year-old war veteran, surgeon in the Air Force, a Texas congressman and a highly articulate patriot of the United States. He’s great to listen to and besides all the other candidates who sound the same, Ron Paul stands apart. Give him a good look. He’s got my vote. Tavius Sims Avon

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