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Transcendent people exceed usual limits, they usually shine when adversity attempts to retard a specific situation. After leading a very nomadic life filled with diverse location, education and vocation, it is clear to me that Vail is a melting pot of can-do’s, not can’t do’s. On March 29, this valley of competitive minded young adults pulled together in a time of my need. They simply produced.Vail Jam Rail Jam was conceptualized five months ago and at the time seemed littered with one obstacle after another. There were many times we considered folding up the tent and surrendering to the brick walls of music agents, production challenges and general logistic barriers that cemented themselves in our way like pillars of defiance.As many readers may already know, starting one’s own business can rattle even the most self confident. Fortunately for us, Vail breeds a core of residents and friendships that bring words of encouragement, worthy opinions and even financial aid.There were local business owners, bartenders, ski/snowboard companies and even my own relatives who believed that bringing healthy events to our younger generation is a vacancy needing to be filled. Our intent to bring positive shows with a sense of responsibility to our local youth will remain a constant. Therefore, many of these people took a serious dollar risk to make sure that Saturday evening did materialize.When we said there was going to be a winter sport competition inside Dobson Arena, many were quick to call us nuts. Jim Heber, who heads up events at Dobson, did the opposite. Instead, he figured out a way to defeat physics and embraced the interactive show idea.Since presentation and deliverance are important to making any big show look cool for the audience, Silverthorne builders Downright Upscale Homes spent an entire day creating a very slick ramp system for us. We needed scaffolding and fast. OK, Andy Pool and Steve Latera from Vail Resorts were on it. Oh yeah, the metal rail needed to be reconfigured and delivered on a special trailer. The boys at Back Country Systems busted out the task like pros in no time at all.Since snow is kind of important to have for any rail jam, the owners of Dig-It Landscaping in Avon easily filled up truck after truck of the precious white stuff for the locals who lent their personal vehicles.I think you get the drift. Here I was with no money for employees but surrounded by a whole valley of people who united on one day. If you are a young, aspiring kid, read on and remember to hang tough in life.By showtime, things looked great for the ticket holders who spent their Vail area paycheck profits. My parents often drilled into me that if you put your mind to it and really believe, anything can be done. The grls from BMW put their heads together and figured out a way to shuttle the stars from the Tivoli Lodge to the arena. Other promotional companies in the area had some of their staff come help until 2 a.m., instead of trying to watch a new business member fail.There were lifelong residents like Ramsey, Jen and our gal friend Jules who took tickets, organized athlete listings and even got into the concert fun with their sassy stage appeal. A Vail ski instructor named Mike Green gave up his Vendetta’s shift and showed up. In addition, club 8150 helped track down big time acts DJ-Z Trip, Dialated Peoples and the Black Eye’d Peas when original performers J5 backed out of their contract on us.Of course, to bring some of the biggest names in the business is one thing; to let the public know is another. The Vail Daily pummelled the paper for us. KZYR radio came on board as a primary sponsor, and even the Eagle joined in and hammered the air for weeks.Lastly but not least, the bar owners gave up their wall space for valuable flyer real estate. To those of you who are not mentioned, you know I will reciprocate if you are ever in need. Ultimately, this town oozes rock style attitude and shows up when you have the guts to ask for it’s help.People of Vail, please be reminded of what a great place we live in. There are many others who will never have the luxury to live in a town with this many lending hands. The results can be gratifying, to say the least. My business is official because of you all and we will continue to bring new and exciting events to the Vail Valley.To the Vail town officials, please support our goal to bring new revenue to our community. We plan on doing that by thinking outside the box of ordinary event planning. Let us give the people a new flavor of choice and we are confident that our public will respond. Finally, thanks to the Vail Police and Eagle Access Control for keeping everyone at the concert safe.Wait until you see what we have planned next, Vail. You guys rock and we are committed to bringing you bigtime fun!J.J. JorgensenHow dare youcriticize U.S.Kate Church, citizen of New Zealand and part-time Vail Valley resident, hear me clearly. Your recent letter was extremely insulting and offensive. Please leave now and don’t ever come back!We Americans do not want you in the Vail Valley or anywhere else in our country! You are just another example of an ignorant, self righteous foreigner who comes to the U.S., takes advantage of the best this country has to offer, sacrifices nothing and complains about everything!I am so sick and tired of people like you that I think my head is going to explode! Who do you think provides you with the opportunity to speak freely, as you stated in your recent letter. Certainly not your government, which can only support lip service for free speech.If the North Koreans or China decided to invade New Zealand, who do you think would come to your defense? Who would be sacrificing lives to defend your freedoms, your free speech? You’re certainly not capable of defending yourself. You’re only capable of criticism and hiding your head in the sand when it comes to real sacrifice.You say you do not agree with Saddam Hussein’s regime. Gee, how courageous of you! What exactly have you or your country done to rid the world of this madman? You accuse the U.S. of bullying countries that do not toe the line. You imply that 9/11 was our own fault. You disgust me!For all your rhetoric, try to understand something. This war is about terrorism, period! This war started on 9/11 by fanatical terrorist and this war will be ended by American might and any country that does not “toe the line” by supporting terrorism shall suffer the consequences.We Americans will not sit back and wait for another 9/11. We will not hide our heads in the sand like you country does. If you are a terrorist or a county that supports terrorism we are coming to get you and 70 percent of Americans don’t care if Kate Church likes it or not!We will defend ourselves and to hell with those who don’t like it! Americans are taking responsibility for the world’s freedoms and basic humane rights. You and the rest of the word should get down on your knees and be thankful for the United States of America!Tim SavageJust punksIn response to Rocky Hills’ letter, “Mountain wusses,” published Saturday, April 19, BB&B in its original state was probably one of the greatest mountain traditions.As for the last few years, you call a bunch of punks starting fights, slinging ice balls at point-blank range, and acting like a mass of over-sugared, hyperactive 10-year-olds a tradition?Us wise people “rolled over,” as you say, because we realize (and you will, too, once you pull your head out of your …) that all the stupidity going on at BB&B in the last few years is not worth going to jail over. So if you “put it on the line” for tradition, don’t even think about calling me to bail you out of jail when your sorry … gets arrested.Jason WilsonEdwards

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