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Eagle’s future

Regarding the old town merchants and the aspersions that have been recently cast upon them, it just may be that the proponents of the Eagle River Station development might protest too much that there are those in the community that are not as enamored with a “big box/big city” gateway to a small western town.

It seems that the downtown merchants are being castigated as having their own self-interests in mind, and not those of the community at large ” this is of course not so surprising when we consider that “self” is synonymous with “individual”; and I opine also that Vince and Trinity/Red may also have their interests in mind in pursuing the profits to be derived from the Eagle River Station development.

These interests may also be inimical to the community’s interests.

In a free market place, competing interests between individuals is competition ” pure and simple; and in a way, that is good.

I think that the real issue to be considered by the denizens of Eagle who are not in the “commercial game” is the effect that this new competitive force (Eagle River Station) will have on a very unique and historical standard of living ” one so often depicted by Norman Rockwell; query, is this Eagle River Station “concept” really called “progress,” or is it “growth” for the sake of a new and different lifestyle or income stream?

Competition has its dark side as well, what with the effects it has upon the “playing field” that we all are accustomed to enjoy ” such as painting Eagle as still a small western town by using a few pseudo-western motifs, and replacing the individual merchant with an outsourced corporate/landlord (an “Everyday Outfitter” or “Alpine Ambiance” is not the same as a “Wal-Mart” or “Foley’s”).

It appears that Vince has sold the aforesaid scenario to the Town of Eagle Board with the approval of his “concept,” and now it remains to be seen if he will dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s as he has presented in his approved concept.

Be careful for what you wish, since the final product may not be what was initially conceived, presented and approved!

Fredric Butler


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