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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Can’t get any loonier


I saw mention of your blog at http://www.DailyKos.com and popped over to read it. Please believe me when I tell you that the following is asked without snark and from a true desire to get a straight answer from “a typically moderate Republican voter.” Here goes:

Who are the “the loonies on the far left who are messing up the Democratic Party” and what are they doing that’s so loony? Please be specific. I am genuinely at a loss to see who is suggesting anything “loony” on anywhere near the scale that the current administration, Republicans in Congress, or any of the Republican presidential candidates have enacted, are enacting, or propose to enact.

Thanks for your time.

Jeff Boatright

Don’t understand

Steve Lynn, the reporter who wrote about the possibility of lowering the speed on I-70: I think you have a great topic to write an article about. However, as I read this article I couldn’t understand where all of the facts went. If Interstate 70 is such a killing machine between Eagle and Edwards, wouldn’t the state be questioning its current speed limit? Maybe the state has all of the facts. Colorado State Highway Patrol is in charge of this interstate, why don’t you request the statistics for interstate deaths, i.e. weather related deaths, alcohol- or drug-related deaths, medical issues resulting in deaths, reckless driving, and deaths related to excessive speed, the latter meaning the dead driver could care less what the speed limit was and decided to drive fast and die, usually associated with one of the other issues. The more I thought about interstate deaths the more I could only disbelieve that a person would be driving along in this stretch and lose it due to the current 75-mph speed limit. I drive this often since the cost of housing is out of reach in this area, and I love my job.

In conclusion I am asking you personally to do another article, only this time with the facts and state statistics. This way the public can make an educated decision on this issue.

Paul Stotlman


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