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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

How about employers?

Regarding your recent story “Immigration battle may split family,” I can’t help but to ask about this illegal immigrant’s job. The story stated that he worked in construction. Does that mean that some local company is illegally paying him? Is he being paid “under the table?”

Is he breaking more of our laws by using a fake social security card, like I have heard happens often?

Is his employer contributing further to the whole illegal immigration problem by knowingly hiring him? Why isn’t more blame placed on the business owners who employ illegal immigrants?

Your story delved interestingly into a scenario that I am sure many immigrants find themselves, but it also raised many other questions.

Matt Bartok


Wealthy earned it

I am writing in response to Mr. Alton’s letter entitled “Enough with wealthy whiners.” I live in Denver, but this letter disturbed me all the same. To call all wealthy residents of the valley “whiners” is quite possibly the most outlandish stereotype I’ve heard to date. In fact, a statement like that is so blatantly ignorant that I consider it nothing more than jealousy. My parents are approaching 60 and live happily in Beaver Creek. They are able to live there due to years of hard work and sacrifice. How dare Mr. Alton accuse them of not knowing the value of hard work?

As their eldest daughter, I pride myself on my work ethic and am proud of all my accomplishments. I graduated from college, own my own home, work 50+ hours a week, earn a robust salary, invest wisely and save for the future. Where did this motivation come from? My parents. Granted there are a handful of people in this world who are wealthy by circumstance or even luck, but most earned every penny they have.

I thank my parents for raising me appropriately and for teaching me the value of hard work. Keep working, curb your jealously, and all people can accomplish what they want.

Courtney Schouten


Great volunteers

We would like to thank Bob and Mary Lou Armour for their nearly 20 years as volunteers for the Vail Mountain Rescue Team. Their unselfish dedication contributed to the success of this nationally accredited search and rescue team.

They have answered countless calls over the years, forgoing their own plans to help others in distress. For them “community” is a verb and we all are better for their efforts.

Lyn and Joanne Morgan

Look out for the ducks

I just need to alert all Eagle County residents traveling on Highway 6 in the evening time.

Usually between the hours of 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. there is a mother duck and what was nine ducklings that cross the road every evening near the Arrowhead entrance.

I was distraught last evening while I was walking my dogs and watched a car hit two of her babies. She tried to rescue the poor things but it was too late.

It was heartbreaking seeing this happen.

So with that said, and this goes for everyone traveling our roads, people, please be aware of the wildlife when driving in the mountains, especially at night.

Jeremy Lepore


Construction caused it

All of us were saddened and shocked by the very serious accident in Vail on Aug. 20.

The Vail Daily reported that the police said speed was blamed for the accident. 9 News reported that the truck driver could not slow down quickly enough for the construction traffic.

I think 9 News wins the truth in reporting award.

Why are we surprised? The construction at Dowd Junction has been an inconvenience for all of us for months now. Now it’s become life-threatening and I encourage you to write to the Colorado Department of Transportation to complain.

Why isn’t this construction being done at night? Why are the backups up to six miles? Why are the signs so poor that a truck driver ran over several cars, sitting ducks at a dead standstill?

Please write to CDOT at info@dot.state.co.us or call (800) 999-4997. Pass this information along to your friends.

We need to get this dangerous sitution cleaned up.

And thumbs down to the Vail Daily and the police for using this tragedy to blame speed for what is clearly a construction-caused accident.

Our one-dimensional view of safety is costing us lives. Safety involves so much more than speed. It involves safe signs on the roads in construction, safe construction policies, vehicles that are inspected annually, and driver education.

On Sept. 8 and 9, there will be a driver education school in Denver for teens and adults. Accident avoidance measures will be taught in your own vehicle. It costs $75. Go to http://www.streetsurvival.com for information and registration.

And, Vail Daily editors, please do not cut this letter short. This is all critical information to really save lives here. Giving out more speeding tickets just isn’t cutting it, is it?

Donna Spinelli


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