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Letters to the editor

It’d be great to connect resorts

We read with great interest Warren Miller’s column entitled “So, how about connecting ski hills?” in Valley Voices on Saturday, Jan. 14.

This is our fourth entire ski season in the Vail Valley, and we have been wondering why Vail and Beaver Creek are not connected!

It is amazing to us that his idea seemed to get no traction whatsoever when he originally made the suggestion and that it still gets a big yawn now.

Having skied Courchevel-Trois Vallees (150 lifts) for two seasons and Val d’Isere-Espace Killy (90 lifts) for two seasons, we know how much fun huge areas are to ski.

Being able to ski tour in terrain that big here would be our idea of perfection – and the descents into Minturn would be awesome!

Audre Engleman and Dimitri Moursellas


How this works for Tebow

In response to Richard Carnes’ column, “Don’t look to God for how Tebow plays,” I will agree on a few points he makes about how some can stretch things out of perspective at times.

However, I fully disagree about his opinion on why Tim Tebow, or anyone else who has a relationship with Jesus, does what he does.

If you don’t agree, please read the following excerpt from Tim Tebow’s own words from his book, “Through My Eyes”:

“It’s not always the easiest thing to be the center of so much spilled ink. You read glowing things, and it doesn’t feel deserved. You read things that are critical, and it cuts you to the bone. It’s because of both those extremes of others’ opinions that I felt it the natural thing to do to tell my story, written from my perspective. It also seemed like the right thing to do – perhaps in many instances to simply set the record straight – sharing my story as I see it, as I remember it, including my actual mindset and motivation.

“Therefore, I have learned that, though God is in control of the big picture, I am responsible for how I use my platform, whatever its size – at this moment in time – to influence others. I have a platform that He can use for His good purposes and perhaps even the good of others – today.

“As I tell my story, I hope that you will see that its true focus is on God and on those eternal values that He holds before us as beacons and benchmarks, to help us live lives of abundance that will ultimately glorify Him, while also lifting and bettering the lives of His children everywhere.”

In his own words, it is obvious Tim Tebow is driven and called to be who he is because of his relationship with God.

Granted, his parents were wise enough to raise him in a Christian home, but choosing to believe in Jesus is an individual choice for us all.

I know plenty of people who were raised one way and believe the opposite.

It is clearly the relationship he has with his Lord Jesus that compels him to be who he is, and he certainly doesn’t find it “insulting” to be who he is because of it.

Tim Tebow is being used by God because he is a good example of living out his faith in and for God.

Something we could all use.

Paula Fischer


Looking for some help

To the Vail community: On Dec. 9, 2011, my friend Marcia Campbell was involved on a serious hit-and-run accident, while she was on her bicycle on the way to a dance class.

She was at the hospital for nine days, and her full recovery will take an additional two months. Marcia suffered several fractures.

We are having a fundraiser for her to assist her for the time of her recovery. She is an independent wedding photographer and is unable to work for about three months.

She had a planned trip to Vail to snowboard that had to be cancelled because of the accident, and we would like to ask for your help to try to get a refund for her lift pass.

The amount will help us tremendously in this situation of hardship and enormous hospital bills.

I attached the letter sent to the Vail Resorts, the clip from the local Honolulu news reporting the accident and the hospital letter.

I really would appreciate the Vail Kokua during this very difficult time.

So many of us from Hawaii spend our vacations at your beautiful town.

This time, we need a little bit given back to us! I would appreciate if you could help us!

Ana Sofia Krogh-Doyle

Honolulu, Hawaii

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