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Letters to the editor


We goofed! Please accept our apology. Suzanne and I share in taking responsibility for the errors contained in the Vail Center article published in Thursday’s Husky Howl.

Until Thursday afternoon, the town of Vail Web site offered information on the Vail Center dated March 5, 2001. After being alerted by Sabrina from the Husky Howl (who referred to this 18-month-old posting for today’s story), we have since removed the outdated page from the Web site and wish to apologize to those involved for contributing to the confusion and misinformation.

Please refer to the election link on the town of Vail Web site opening page http://www.vailgov.com for current information on the proposed conference center and proposed property tax increase.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This incident will cause us to add an important quality control measure as we seek to become more diligent in keeping the town of Vail Web site up to date. We hope this becomes a learning experience for the staff of the Husky Howl, as well.

Jamie Wilson

Suzanne Silverthorn

Town of Vail Community Information Office

Media fascists

Recently, your otherwise very fine newspaper published an editorial cartoon depicting some current Oval Office occupants as speaking German, goose-stepping and saluting in a stiff-armed manner.

Since you have broached the topic, let me inform your readers (more than 90 percent of the valley, I’ve been told!) that Hitler and the Nazis were “Socialist Democrats” (the same party, by the way, that recently won the chancellor election in Germany).

Only when the media seeks to deceive and misinform is President George W. Bush accused of being either a socialist or a Democrat! Socialism is based on feudalism and is Old World, a throwback to a time when castle occupants protected and provided for the serfs who lived nearby.

Europe still clings to socialism, and has the company of many world leaders who fear progressive New World enterprise because it leads to independence for the masses. Socialism also leads to Marxism and sometimes outright fascism as power is funneled into the hands of fewer but more powerful people. (Africa is far more oppressed by dictators than free enterprise.) Also, you recently published letters protesting Maureen Dowd’s reprisal of “Mein Kampf.” You chose to print those letters under the heading, “Political season’s here,” which seemed to diminish the validity of the views expressed.

Those letters were likely prompted by a longstanding trend rather than election season. Anyone can stop by our libraries and review back issues of the Daily and notice, as I did, that more than 80 percent of opinion page editorial cartoons this year have been anti-Bush; some have been not only vicious but lacking in factual basis.

So, Herr Rogers (and Übermeister Pope), it seems the only views you permit from outside the newsroom are those that you receive from letter writers S and then, alas, you mock them. I haven’t been around your offices lately, but I’m guessing that’s where the goose-stepping is, not in the Oval Office.

Mike Spaniola


Vote for open space

I support the proposed open space tax (Ballot Initiative 1H) because the time to do it is now. If we don’t, beautiful areas in our county will be lost to development forever. To envision the types of land that the creation of the fund could help protect, all you need to do is drive south of Eagle. As an example, across from the expansive Eagle Ranch development, there is land owned by Mr. Kummer. This continues for eight miles up Brush Creek Valley. If the county does not buy those lands in the near future, will Brush Creek look like Eagle-Vail and Avon Crossing? Is Gypsum Creek destined for the same fate? With Two Rivers project approved in Dotsero, will the Colorado River Road area be soon to follow?

The properties I have just mentioned are but a few examples of the many lands along our river valleys that Ballot Initiative 1H, if successful, could help preserve.

As a lifetime landowner in Eagle County, and a fifth-generation Coloradan, I have seen our back yards and, indeed, entire state impacted with tremendous growth pressure. Rural pastures are now Park Meadows Mall, Highlands Ranch and Parker. Indeed, Western Slope areas – the Aspen Valley, Summit County, Steamboat Springs, and many other Colorado communities – have taken control of their own growth and future. The choice is ours. We can control our future by protection of these types of lands, or we can have a totally developed corridor of housing, shopping malls and other developments all the way from Dotsero to Vail. Which future do you want to see? Vote YES ON 1H on Nov. 5.

Tawlys Tonso

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