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Letters to the editor


Thank you for your “guiding hand” to this community for so many years – three times superintendent, a great educator, a truly humble, honest, public servant.

The Eagle County School District is beholden to you and on behalf of a truly appreciative community, we wish you “Happy Trails.”

Bill McCarthy


Responsible action

Your article “Water Rates Draw Fire” leads the reader to conclude that until Steve Friedman (representative from Beaver Creek) changes his opinion, that the new tiered water rates designed to promote conservation, will be on “hold.”

Friedman represents the wealthy set who apparently have more money than sense. He doesn’t believe that higher rates for water wasters will promote water conservation, even though water districts all along the Front Range have found that it does. Quoting from your article, “Friedman expresses skepticism the new rates would drive conservation because many people in Eagle County are wealthy and can afford to pay for increased water use.”

This is simply a delaying tactic. Hopefully, the Beaver Creek folks will want to join the larger community and urge Mr. Friedman not to torpedo the efforts of the board to institute sensible water conservation in our valley.

The drought is not over just because we have an average snow pack this year. The water we save and allow to flow downstream for senior water users enables Green Mountain reservoir to refill more quickly. We need Green Mountain reservoir water because it helps protect our water rights during low stream flow periods.

I suggest that Mr. Friedman take a drive over the pass and look at the water level in Green Mountain before he places the self interest of the “rich and wasteful” ahead of the Water Authority’s need to take responsible conservation ac-tion.

David Mott


God’s instrument

For those among us who grumble against President Bush, in regards to his difficult decisions as a leader or even his leadership at all, listen closely.

The fact that this man is our nation’s leader is not a mistake. There is a much larger picture than what we see with our eyes. Every leader has played a role in history. Those we now judge, some were good, some bad, some dreadful. Nebuchadnez-zar, a great king of Babylon, learned that he was a vessel, and there was even one who ruled over him. See Daniel 5:21. All the pharoahs of Egypt and the countless kings and rulers of every (past and present) empire and nation were appointed.

Those whom it may seem, may have altered nations, restored kingdoms, bloodied the earth. Some of them honorable and others dishonorable. Our president knows he too is a vessel.

God is before us and he has established the end. Everything in between is according to His will, not ours. There is a perfect order of things unfolding, but it does not seem right in our own eyes.

And why? Because we do not have God’s eyes. Jesus said to pray this: Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in Earth, as it is in heaven. Matthew 6:10. But what does that look like, and do we pray?

It’s futile for anyone to cry out and protest, shaking their fists. The wisdom of men fails, for it is earthly wisdom.

What will come, will come and it will come by the hand that ordered it. Jesus said, I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last … . There is an unseen hand, the righteous right hand of a powerful, invisible God at work, who neither slumbers nor sleeps. Shouldn’t we be bowing our hearts right about now, for He is much greater than we all think.

Jodi Sforzo

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