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Letters to the editor


As a longtime resident of Eagle County, I was rather dismayed to read your article on May 2, “A Rat’s Life,” by Tom Winter. As a resident of Rancho Del Rio (RDR), I feel Tom owes us an apology for describing RDR the way it was portrayed.

The owner of RDR has spent years and quite a bit of money to make our community respectable and clean. RDR is the host to thousands of people running the upper Colorado River every year. This brings revenue to Eagle County, not Utah.

As a “rat” myself, I have boated all over the country and I still after 20 years find the upper “C” (as we call it) one of the most beautiful stretches of the Colorado River to float.

The amount of time and money spent by the BLM-Rancho Del Rio-State Bridge Lodge-KK’s BBQ-The Fireside Lodge-and multiple local rafting companies to keep the upper “C” as clean and pristine is extreme.

We invite all Eagle County residents and visitors to visit and enjoy one of the most scenic spots in Eagle County, and let Tom Winter stay in Utah.

Ken Lipsky

Night to remember

On behalf of the class of 2004 at Battle Mountain High School, I would like to thank the Vail Marriott and its wonderful staff, especially Diane Gray, for all of their tremendous efforts to make this year’s junior/senior prom a complete success.

Without this wonderful group of people, the event would in no way have been as spectacular. This was truly a night to remember for everyone who attended. Diane Gray was an amazing event manager, who accommodated our needs in every way she knew how. Her confidence and trust in our group of 300 adolescents surely exceeded the hesitant feelings of other hotels and their cautious staffs.

With that said, the evening was one of the best moments for our graduating class. They will remember the night forever. Thanks again to the Vail Marriott and their staff. We will consider you first for all of our future events.

Kelly Moriarty, Jodi Fleishman and the entire

junior class of Battle Mountain High School

It’s called sarcasm

I just read Butch Mazzuca’s May Day commentary, “Gee, what’s taking so long?” I don’t know this person or his views and could not figure out if he was serious or not.

Mike Guzik

It’s all relative

I enjoyed the last three paragraphs of Don Rogers’ column Monday. No matter how wilderness savvy anyone is, there is a gaper that resides within us all. People by their very nature are fallible and sometimes make poor decisions.-

However, I thought it was unnecessary for you to paint Aron Ralston and his canyoneering excursion in negative light. I don’t know the guy, but I am aware of his outdoor resume. Anyone that has bagged all of Colorado’s 14ers, with many winter ascents, is no “keystone climber.”

I find it laughable that within our safe society that people condemn a man for attempting to find some adventure. Was he foolish is his endeavor? I’ve been in many of the slots in the San Rafael Swell, and canyoneering is really nothing more then glorified hiking with a rappel or two. It is not the extreme sport that the mainstream media breaks it down to be. His adventure was well in his skill set.

The Ralston story has brought the critics out en masse. The double standard that “extreme” outdoorsmen (any activity in which a rope is used) are held to is once again in the limelight. You don’t hear much about the lost or unprepared hikers or the resulting cry “they should pay for their rescue.”-

It is all relative. It would be safer for me to solo Crestone Needle than to have some folks even set foot on the Grouse Lake trail. But it would be me who would be condemned should something go wrong. Regardless that the Grouse lake hiker had the wrong foot wear, not enough water, and a basic lack of outdoor knowledge.

What makes a better headline, “Solo climber escapes death on Colorado’s most difficult 14er” or “Hiker found 25 yards off trail nursing blisters”?

Throw into the mix the state of personal responsibility in our society today, and you end up with a something a hypocritical laughing affair.

Ed Graef

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