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Either conferencecenter site worksOn May 13, the Vail Valley Chamber & Tourism Bureau organized a meeting of Vail lodging general managers to discuss the lack of progress on the construction of the Vail Conference Center. The lodges at the meeting represent over 60 percent of the bed base in the town of Vail.The group agreed upon the following points about the Vail Conference Center:1. The lodging community sees the construction of the conference center as a key component in “sustaining the economic viability of businesses in Vail,” the most significant problem facing Vail, as determined by the town’s survey of residents.2. Due to the continuing demand shown for the conference center since the election, time is of the essence in completing construction.3. Following a review of both alternative sites, the conclusion of the group is that we now have two excellent sites, both bolstered by the results of demand studies indicating that a center in EITHER location would be a dramatic cornerstone in building a significantly more robust year-round economy. Both sites have advantages and disadvantages and depending on their location, Vail lodges will be directly affected in different ways. However, the consensus of the group is that construction of the center, in either location, must commence as soon as possible.4. Every lodge in attendance at the meeting would be willing to “block” units for groups utilizing the center with numbers varying depending on the month, and whether the group was a weekend pattern or a weekday pattern.In closing, let me reiterate that the majority of Vail lodges believe the conference center will be a powerful new economic magnet for our community. Timely resolution of parking discussions with Vail Resorts is essential so that construction can commence, either on the maintenance yard or charter bus lot site, as soon as possible!Frank JohnsonPresident, Vail Valley Chamber & Tourism BureauCacioppo’s offerfor settlementThe following settlement offer was made by me to the Eagle County School District on Wednesday evening. The offer expires Tuesday, May 20, to allow me time to try to engage an experienced appellate lawyer, in order to carry my appeals to the Appellate Court and to the Supreme Court, if necessary, as promised!Hopefully, this will answer some of the questions from local citizen Joe Peplinski, who recently wrote a letter to the Daily about this issue. Because it has come to my attention that the school board never received the details of my previous settlement offer in the court-ordered settlement conference, I am now tendering a new settlement offer publicly, so that the board is aware of all of the details.In order to settle all the litigation that is between us, which includes my defense of the state Constitution and my defense of the public’s right to view public records, I offer the following to settle the above issues:1. The district will stipulate that the $3.1 million per year will not include an additional and fluctuating amount beyond that. This should not be difficult to accept, as the fluctuating amount is probably not a large sum.2. The district will stipulate that $3.1 million cannot turn into $6.2 million the second year, and $9.3 million the third year, ad infinitum. This should not be difficult to accept, as that is what your finance director stated in a letter. Unfortunately, your finance director is not an elected official, and has no authority to warrant such. You, as board members, have the authority to stipulate to this.3. The district will continue to implement the TAP Millken performance pay plan throughout the term of this tax increase, as promised to the voters. This should not be difficult to accept, as this is what you promised.4. The district will allow viewing access to all legally obtainable public records, without charge. This should not be difficult to accept, as this is what state law allows.5. The district will reimburse all of my legal fees and costs in the ballot issue case immediately. This should not be difficult to accept, as this will allow you to save ongoing legal fees and costs, and allow you to issue checks to the district’s employees immediately, without the concern that a successful appeal on my part would require them to reimburse the taxpayers.6. The district will reimburse SpeakoutVail Inc.’s legal fees and costs in the public records case immediately. This should not be difficult to accept, as this will allow you to save ongoing legal fees and costs.7. I will cause both of those cases to be dismissed with prejudice, after reimbursement.8. The settlement language and board resolution authorizing such will be published in all of the local newspapers. This should not be difficult to accept, as this will allow the public to know about the public’s business.I seriously question how any responsible elected official could not accept this reasonable offer. This offer will expire on Tuesday, May 20, 2003, as I will need to prepare for additional litigation deadlines, as required by court rules.Michael J. CacioppoEdwardsProving me rightHey, Kate Church, just wanted to give you a big ol’ American thank you! Thank you for proving me right when, in my last letter, I referred to you as just another example of a self-righteous foreigner and you responded by saying “Your country needs people like me to keep you honest.” You’re the best!By the way. Anyone who takes their cue from Michael Moore (“Bowling for Columbine”) demonstrates a mind that is easily manipulated. Most reasonable thinking people, and even those with half a wit, know Michael Moore to be a major league joke! Oscar or no Oscar.I wonder how it is that you can be so anti-American, yet I’m to rest assured that “you will be back to this beautiful valley.” Can you spell hypocritical? If you don’t like the way the world currently is and you blame the United States for its condition, let’s try taking a cue from Robin Williams and his proposed plan for peace.First, we close all our borders and kick out all non-Americans. (Gee, maybe you won’t be coming back after all.) Second, we immediately call due the billiona of dollars the U.S. has spent on foreign economic aid loans over the past 30 years and we cut off any more economic assistance. Third, we immediately recall our peacekeeping troops from around the world’s hot spots. (Let’s see if New Zealand can handle this one without us.) Fourth, we offer OPEC $10 for a barrel of oil. If they don’t like it, we will just have to manage on our own. Perhaps the caribou in Alaska will just have to be stressed out for now, but let’s just see who is left standing at the end of the day, The U.S or OPEC. Last, we take the statue of liberty, put a baseball cap on her backwards and change the slogan from give me your tired, your poor to YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME!But hey, thanks for keeping me honest! How would I ever get along without you! Could you and New Zealand take Michael Moore, Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, Ted Springer off our hands? I’m sure they would be much happier in your little naive part of the world.Tim Savage

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