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Well once again it seems that actions speak louder than words in politics. Need an example? Take the actions of Rep. Mark Udall to derail a wildfire risk reduction measure put forward by our former popular congressman and protector of the West Slope, Scott McInnis, in Congress.

Mr. Udall, who has vehemently proclaimed his desire to care for and protect our environment, amazingly tried to gut key provisions titles III through IX from McInnis’ plan that would protect the purity of our water supplies, would ensure the protection of wildlife habitat, and would work to restore the health of our forests by finding ways to contain the spread of devastating insect and disease infestations

Are these the actions of a self-proclaimed environmentalist or the unveiling of Mr. Udall’s and the so-called environmentalists shortsighted lack of recognition of the horrific effects that catastrophic wildfires have had on our environment? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it the self-proclaimed mission of the Boulder bunch to proactively educate the rest of us on how to prevent degradation of our water quality, to mitigate the pollution of our air, to save species and forest habitat? Am I the only one that sees the irony in Mr. Udall’s actions?

We all consider ourselves conservationists interested in protecting our environment in the Vail Valley. As we look at the new species of red trees growing along I-70 and in the backcountry it should be obvious that general forest health is a major concern, and that simply cleaning up your back yard in the red zones will not save Vail’s ski slopes from a catastrophic wildfire and the economic disaster that would follow.

While some seem to choose to turn a blind eye toward the environmental disasters brought on by catastrophic wildfire, let’s talk about what Congressman McInnis’ plan will work to do:

(1) Prevent contamination of water supplies like the Cheeseman Reservoir, (a major Denver water source) which following the Haymen Fire took on the color and thickness of molasses due to the black slime from cyanide laden ash and melted earth sliding down the hills into it by treating important watersheds.

(2) Prevent the poisoning of our air which every one downwind of the fires was forced to inhale. (More cyanide and other toxic gases.)

(3) Prevent the destruction of wildlife and of endangered species habitats several of which were decimated throughout the West last summer.

(4) Contain the horrific disease and insect infestation that is rapidly spreading throughout our forests killing the trees. (That is not a new species of red coniferous tree that we can all see in the national forest from I-70.)

Congressman McInnis has put forth a sensible wildfire risk reduction solution that allows for the simultaneous protection of our forests and watersheds as well as our communities, both of which are inextricably connected and must be protected from devastating wildfire.

I thought that nothing could surprise me more than the unbelievable and heartbreaking destruction caused by last summer’s infernos, but the transparency and shortsightedness of Mr. Udall’s actions certainly have taken the cake.

Henri Stone


Behind the times

I read with the Tipster letter requesting Henri Stone step down from the Eagle County Republican chair. The writer is a little behind on the facts. Henri stepped down quite awhile ago!

Also, regarding Udall, he opposed the Bush vote to pursue liberating Iraq, voted against the Patriot Act, and tried to gut McInnis’ Healthy Forest Restoration Act. So we all may want to take a hard look at what he is doing “for” us. — — — — — — — — — — — —— — —

Marty Lich


Countless prayers

Reading Carol Warner’s poignant tribute to Eagle Valley Charter Academy teacher Bobby Silverman tore a rift in my heart. As a teacher, I regret never having met Mr. Silverman and can only imagine the charter school’s grief.

As a parent and wife, I shudder to imagine the Silverman family’s anguish.

To the Silverman family: You are in the thoughts and prayers of countless Eagle County residents who wish they could ease your sorrow.

With deepest condolences,

Nicole E. Dewell

This is good

About Butch Mazzuca’s column, “Keeping it in perspective”: I liked it!

I’m still coming to grips with and struggling to absorb the full implications of how this information could affect the myriad computations necessary to accurately quantify the number of angels that can fit on the head of a pin, however …

We all need to lighten up a little sometimes, no? And a little perspective is good!

Bruce LeTourneau


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