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Letters to the editor


Below are five compelling reasons to put the employee housing complex above the Vail town offices on the village side of the interstate instead of at the Mountain Bell site.

1. Renters in a complex located above the municipal offices will not be exposed to the possible health risks associated with living next to a microwave tower, which emits low levels of radiation.

2. In addition, the dangers from rockfall and mudslides which could occur on the steep site currently under consideration would obviously not be present on the Town of Vail site, which is flat, making it easy to build on.

3. It would not be necessary to construct a pedestrian overpass to protect residents from traffic hazards when going to and from their jobs in the Village, since they would already be living on that side of the interstate.

4. The proximity of the police station (next door) would discourage renters from engaging in rowdy behavior if the complex is located above the Town offices.

5. Employees would have the advantage of living in the middle of town, closer to their jobs and the mountain.

Locating the housing complex above the municipal offices is a reasonable option that deserves consideration by council members.

Gay Steadman

Impressive field

As a candidate for Eagle County commissioner, I felt it was important that I attend the Avon Town Council forum on Tuesday night. My purpose was to listen to the candidates and ask them one question. This was their night to shine and be heard, not mine.

First, I must say that the candidate field was most impressive with candidates stepping forward not only in number but from all walks of life and experience. They proved to be educated, informed, intelligent and sincere in their pursuit of a spot on the council.

I went to the forum not to campaign for myself or to pass out my literature, but to sit quietly and inconspicuously in the audience and listen and ask my one question. What I wanted to know as your next Eagle County commissioner was how they felt about present communications between the Avon Town Council and the Eagle County commissioners.

What I heard back was a confirmation of what I believed existed at this time. My belief is that inter-governmental interaction and consensus needs to be better between municipalities and the county, and there were numerous candidates with similar beliefs.

When I am elected to serve the people of Eagle County, I can assure the Avon Town Council that I will work very hard to create that consensus and inter-governmental cooperation with them and with all the municipalities throughout the valley.Again, congratulations to the Vail Valley Chamber and Tourism Bureau and the Avon Town Council candidates for a job well done.

Gerry Sandberg

Commissioner Candidate

Yes to open space

Some things in life are worth paying money for, and open space is one of them. I am planning to vote yes on 1H on Election Day because I want to make sure that the remaining open lands and meadows along the I-70 corridor and throughout Eagle County remain that way forever.

If not, we will see more growth and more developments such as the Village at Avon spreading down the Eagle River corridor and then up our other river valleys. We will lose the all-important buffers to our still spectacular wilderness areas.

The only sure way to keep our open spaces open to give Eagle County a permanent source of money, that cannot be used for anything but open space preservation. As everyone knows, land in this county is very expensive and unless we have enough money to buy meaningful amounts of land, open space will vanish.

At current property tax rates in our county, the proposed tax will raise about $2.9 million each year. The $3 million will provide seed money for matching grants from the state of Colorado and private sources, and that money can be used to buy important open space. The cost of 1H is $14 per $100,000 of assessed property value. Divide that by 365 days to get to a very modest cost to protect open land forever. The cost to each property owner in Eagle County is literally only pennies a day.

I encourage everyone who wants to see our open meadows, farms and ranch lands stay that way to support Initiative 1H.

Bob Gardner

No to 31

I am writing to strongly urge Eagle County voters to vote no on Amendment 31.

Amendment 31 claims that its goal is “English for the Children,” but that is a deceptive assertion. Teaching children English is already the goal of every classroom in our district and state. What this amendment will do is replace the choices we currently have on how our children will be educated with an extremely restrictive, “one-size-fits-all” program. The freedom of choice is one of our most precious rights as Americans. This amendment would take that choice away for parents who want the right to make decisions about how their children will be educated.

I also believe this amendment will be too costly. One estimate is that it will cost an additional $30 million to Colorado taxpayers. (The Arizona Legislature recently spent $60 million to enact a similar law.) One can only imagine what current school programs will have to be cut or what property taxes would increase to cover this cost.

This amendment is also highly punitive. Although 31 does claim to offer “waivers” for students who request to be excluded from this program, the implications are so severe that a waiver would simply never be granted. A teacher, school or school board member could be sued up to 10 years later if a child or their parents claim that granting the waiver damaged them in some way. That would be too big of a risk to take.

English Plus is a group opposing this amendment and has an excellent Web site I urge you to check out: http://www.no-on-31.org.

Please vote no on 31. It is simply too punitive, too costly, and too restrictive.

Jessica Kautz


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