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Letters to the editor


I just want to call to ask the voters of Eagle County to vote for sheriff’s candidate Joe Hoy on Nov. 5. Joe Hoy is a proven leader in regards to our DARE program for our children, he cares about the citizens of Eagle County, and will make appropriate decisions to aid in fighting crime and keeping our neighborhoods safe. He is an articulate person who will be the voice for local law enforcement, peace services, firefighting issues and the public as a whole. He’s a great listener and will act in the best interests of the citizens of Eagle County.

Pro 31

I can’t believe we’re having such a battle over Amendment 31. The bottom line is, the students are here in America where we speak English, and so they should be taught in English, not in Spanish. I think if they want to learn Spanish, they can learn that at home. This is the only language that we teach in the schools. We have a lot of Germans out there, we have a lot of Orientals out there, we have French, we even have Russians. So if we do this for the Spanish speaking people, we are going to have to do that with every other language, and we certainly don’t have the money to do all that. …

Hearts touched

The amount of coverage you receive shows how many hearts you have touched. Some of Skylar’s best friends were Spanish, and the Spanish community was there to comfort the Spiegels in their time of need. As a Hispanic myself, I’m disappointed in your comment and embarrassed for you … The media did a wonderful job. Keep up the good work. You can never have too much coverage for a person that deserved it.

Shame on you

You should be ashamed to repeat an earlier Tipsline comment on the front page of your newspaper, insinuating that misfortune or death striking a Mexican family would be less mourned than misfortune or death striking a Caucasian family. Featuring this kind of comment is inaccurate and only serves to divide a community that is working hard to come together.

No need to change

Why don’t we change the name of Vail, since Vail Pass is farther from Vail than the Lionshead rock is from the little village of Lionshead. No need to change the name of Lionshead. It’s got its own identity, and it needs it.

Part of life

I’d like to make a comment about what was in your paper today about too much coverage for Skyler. My feelings about that is that Gypsum is a very family oriented community and we feel for it when children are terribly mutilated in an accident or killed. Your coverage as far as seeing people mourning, that is something else. Time magazine, all your big magazines, newspapers, always show people in mourning. That’s part of life. …

Every day’s a gift

I am reading your Tipsline and reading the “coverage too much,” and I never thought I would call your hotline. But I am so outraged by this whoever called this in. What a sick thing to say, that this could turn into some racist whatever. I’ve known the Spiegels, they’ve been longtime residents of this valley, and their contributions to this community have been extensive. … If he was loved as much as Skyler was loved, had the best of friends as much as he was, yes he would have gotten this coverage. It’s sick that somebody would turn this into some sort of political game. This person obviously does not have children, because of the coverage I thank God every day for my son, I hug him every day, I tell him I love him every day because of this tragedy that happened. If he’s here one day, if he’s here 16 years, every day is a blessing and a gift, and that’s what I’ve realized from this coverage.

Send ’em packing

I have tried to not respond to all the little innuendos about the gang bangers here in Gypsum. I would like people to know, I did live next door to them. We did have people that they had invited up from Denver who are gang bangers who threatened my husband and I, and I think that a handle needs to be gotten on this. They need to be kicked the hell out of town.

You missed point

I’m commenting on the person who called about the Skyler Hootman tragedy. If it would have been Jesus Alvarez there wouldn’t have been as much coverage. What I’d like to say, is I think that’s really ridiculous. I think the paper did a great job reporting this tragedy. I felt very proud to be part of this community, they pulled together, they tried to make a very, very horrible situation more bearable for the families, and I think this person is totally missing the point …

Bilingual advantages

Vote no on Amendment 31. … Being bilingual is the best thing that ever happened to me. I know that I’ve gotten extremely far in my life because I’m bilingual. I believe that these kids need more than just one language, whether it be Spanish or any other language. I believe they should be learning that from the beginning.

It was too much

I was calling to respond to the “too much coverage” Tipsline. While I fully agree that some of the coverage was truly tasteless, most especially photos of the family grieving, I wholeheartedly disagree with the racial comments. Not everything is about race. Perhaps it’s about the tragic circumstances surrounding Skyler Hootman’s death. Perhaps it’s about Skyler and his family being longtime, active members of this community. Or perhaps it’s even about something even simpler than that. Maybe it’s about every person in this valley who has a child being devastated by what the Spiegel family must be going through at this time. This young man’s death transcends petty issues like the color of someone’s skin. I faithfully believe that this community would be just as devastated by the tragic death of a young man named Jesus Alvarez.

Conserve first

Vote no on 4A. I say it’s time for the folks on the Eastern Slope to get real. Denver needs to first conserve water, cut their water use, then let’s talk about spending these millions to redirect water from the Western Slope to the Eastern Slope. I don’t think that this is the time to make that decision. I think that they need to do better with the water they have first. What do you think?

Not a fan

I’m a registered voter in Eagle County and an independent, and I would ask all independents not to vote for Laurie Bower in this election. Here’s why: I do not believe that she can be trusted to represent her constituency. Her past political background indicates that she was a Democratic Party chair in Eagle County and as a trusted representative of the party, she threw her hat in the ring to contest the Republican opponent Dave Wattenberg, and just days before the election she resigned, stating that Wattenberg was more informed on the issues than she was. Some might say that Bower was just being honest in her statement, but I believe that she was completely misrepresenting her trusted position. So many people backed her, both in financial and supportive services during her campaign. … Because of Laurie Bower’s abrupt reversal in that election, I personally resigned from the Democratic Party and became an independent. … I can tell you that she clearly does not represent me. … I’m endorsing Jerry Sandberg in this election.

A doubter

Since Commissioner Stone is employed as a Realtor for Slifer, this Republican voter still is concerned about possible conflict of interest and ethics questions associated with his approval as a commissioner of the Berry Creek 5th affordable housing project, and his … commission sale of the Cotton Ranch property to the same California developers. While an article in the Daily noted that Stone’s attorney says there is no conflict of interest, it still would serve him well to provide the voters with a definitive time line for his contacts with the California developer. commissioner candidate Sandberg stated in his closing remarks at the (candidates) forum (Oct. 7) that if elected, he would have no conflict of interest. Can Tom Stone make the same promise?

Swanky retreat

I saw in Friday’s paper that the Avon Town Council had a special budget retreat up in Cordillera in order to address the town of Avon budget issues. I’m really asking should the town of Avon really be spending money up at a fancy expensive resort, even if for a one day meeting at a time like this? Why don’t they keep Avon’s taxpayer money in the town of Avon? … Chris Ratzloff, 390-5177.

Mount Molehill

I can’t figure out Mike Cacioppo. He files a lawsuit against the school district for unconstitutional 3D language and yesterday devotes half his paper to supporting 3D’s number one proponent, Tom Stone. The money Cacioppo is receiving from Stone for campaign ads must really be critical to Speakout’s survival. Otherwise why would Cacioppo go on the way he did about Sandberg’s faux pas? I was at that forum. I heard Sandberg’s comments. I think the only two people who jumped on them were Tom Stone and Cacioppo. Everyone else there clearly understood that Sandberg had no intention whatsoever to deceive the public behind closed doors. It was clear that it was just his way of expressing an honest desire to open the doors of communication county-wide. Voters should watch the forum on TV to see for themselves. Cacioppo clearly made a mountain out of a molehill. He must have been hard pressed for something to fill up his paper this week.

Corporate USA

I wanted to say something about Vail Resorts getting ready to do another ax cutting. It’s just another reduction, typical corporate USA. It’s not just Vail Resorts. It’s all over the United States. It seems like Adam Aron and Andy Daly need to make money for their shareholders so they can make budget next year so they all can collect their bonuses and their stock options. So all their managers and their directors will be happy, and the peons that work the front lines, ski school and the lift operators and ticket guys, the snowmakers that are out there every day when it’s 10 degrees outside, freezing their butts off, making minimum wage, $10-$15 an hour, they’re the ones that get no gratitude. It’s always the managers and the directors that get the bonuses and the stock options when the company goes well and everybody else gets … on. It’s typical corporate USA, typical Vail Resorts. It’s going to happen again within the next week or two, to let you guys know. …

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