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Letters to the editor


Our Ignatius Loyola

It was no real surprise when Jim Dorsey slipped briefly out of the closet to reveal his Jesuit Connection. Those masters of obfuscation. Now he should emerge some more, and let us know where he stands.

This time, he spent almost 17 column inches responding to my criticism of his failure to show his positions on the issues. And still he hasn’t revealed where he’s coming from.

I gave reasons why I didn’t like Hillary Clinton’s health-care proposal. I asked Dorsey to give a few points why he thought it was a good idea. He chose not to do that.

He continues to belabor columnist Kaye Ferry for the subjects she writes about, and her values. I’m not always interested in her stuff, either, and I disagreed with her views on identifying the source of published opinions. I gave my reasons. What are Dorsey’s values that conflict with those expressed by Kaye Ferry?

There are a lot of things in the Vail Daily, or any other news outlet, that don’t interest me. As long as there are some parts I enjoy, I don’t mind the rest.

There are points of view presented with which I disagree. As long as my side gets fair exposure, that’s OK, too. I thought we were supposed to celebrate diversity. Isn’t that what the liberals say?

Terry Quinn


Mazzuca bulls eye

In a recent column, Butch Mazzuca presented a logical, reasonable argument packed with facts in deftly explaining why Hillary scares him.

He cited a few of her impeached and disbarred husband’s failings, as well. When a wedded political couple trumpet ceaselessly that they are “two for the price of one,” it is certainly logical to assume they share values and policies, which is all that Mazzuca did.

If it’s guilt by association, it’s justified by her consistent defense of his indefensible behavior – she has made herself an accessory to his crimes. There was nothing deceptive or poorly reasoned in this column, nor did it suffer from “abysmal intellectual rigor,” as is so pompously charged by our resident Great Mind, Jim Dorsey. Dorsey himself is the one who writes ramblings with no meat on the bones.

On the contrary, Mazzuca tracks rigorously through some particulars of Bill’s dissembling nature and then some of Hillary’s (what she says she knew about Monica, Chelsea’s 9/11 experience, not really writing the book herself, supporting but not supporting the president, etc.) and says he fears the two are cut from the same devious cloth. The obvious evidence would lead any reasonable person to agree.

Dishonest? These folks even actually stole furniture and collectibles from the White House – the People’s House! And Hillary can match the master deed-for-deed when it comes to bendable values and self-serving manipulation of events.

How about when she conveniently “discovered” a pile of her law firm papers months after she insisted she had no idea where they were. We know from the Travel Office debacle and other incidents that she has the nose for suspected treachery and the appetite for vengeance often found in the paranoid and the unhinged.

But for me, the ultimate in hypocrisy and dishonesty is this woman’s preposterous defense of a man who is totally soulless in the way he manipulates and uses women sexually, and then, when he is discovered, tries to destroy them and their reputations.

No true feminist, which Hillary pretends to be, no woman who “fights for” the powerless, as Hillary pretends to do, would ever defend such a monster, much less stay married to one. Hillary is no feminist. She is a cold and consciousness opportunist who will do or say anything for power. Be very afraid.

Joy Overbeck

Not true!

On June 20, Christine Ina Casillas wrote an article in the Vail Daily entitled “Is Chapel Square the “Temple of Doom?'” As the property managers of Chapel Square, we were surprised and appalled by the slanderous and mean spirited tone of the article. Not only was the article filled with inaccuracies, typographical errors and misquotes, but it was one of the most irresponsible and reckless articles I have ever read in your paper. It is apparent that Ms. Casillas did not understand the subject matter about which she was writing. Further, and more disturbing was the fact that she wrote the article with little or

no objectivity in addressing the subject.

For the record, I did not tell Ms. Casillas that we did not know “what is going to happen” to the Wal-Mart store. As your accompanying sidebar article correctly states (and which completely contradicts your feature story), that I identified the three national tenants that have either signed leases or letters of intent to occupy the former Wal-Mart building and a proposed 12,000-square-foot building to be built in the adjacent garden center.

In our telephone interview with Ms. Casillas, I encouraged her to contact a representative from Traer Creek (which controls the Wal-Mart building) or to contact a representative from the town of Avon to verify our update on the proposed tenants.

Ms. Casillas further states that several Chapel Square tenants have decided not to renew their leases at Chapel Square. This is simply not true. While several tenants closed their doors, it was not because they did not renew their lease.

The terms of such leases had not yet expired, so a renewal was not at issue. In fact several tenants have recently renewed their lease. As is consistent with this article, Ms Casillas makes wild claims with absolutely no basis or hard facts.

Ms. Casillas states that the rents are “atrocious,” yet once again has no empirical data to back up her claim. She goes on to incorrectly attribute a quote to me regarding the impact the open air market will have on the project. A quote that not only was not made by me but one that I openly would disagree with its premise.

If Ms. Casillas had properly done her homework and taken the time to report accurate information as opposed to innuendo and wild claims, she would have discovered the following:

1. The lease for the Wal-Mart building is controlled by Traer Creek, not the owners of Chapel Square. A check with the town of Avon would verify conversations and applications made by Traer Creek to convert the building from a single tenant building to one that will consist of three national tenants. We have been informed that a lease has been signed with Gart Sports and that leases are under negotiation with both Office Depot and Pier One. The town could also verify that Traer Creek has submitted a revised sign program with all of the above-mentioned tenants listed on the application as well as building plans for the proposed addition to the Building.

2. Not a single Chapel Square tenant has decided to not exercise their option, while several tenants have exercised their options to extend their leases.

3. Rental rates for shopping centers in the Vail Valley can vary depending on the size of the tenant, credit worthiness of the tenant, the economic climate, the demand for space and the potential draw that a proposed tenant will bring to the shopping center. Since Ms. Casillas does not have proprietary information related to our rent roll, her claim that our rents are “atrocious” is without any basis or foundation. The use of such word is also evidence of the subjective voice used to write the article, rather than the unbiased, objective reporting that we expect from the Vail Daily.

We are currently working on four commercial transactions for space at Chapel Square, as well as an expansion of an existing tenant. These transactions are in addition to the three large national retail tenants that have decided to locate their first store in the Vail Valley in the Chapel Square project.

With the exception of the Wal-Mart and Home Depot leases, I challenge Ms. Casillas to identify any other retail transactions in the Valley that are of similar size to the three proposed leases at Chapel Square. We have found that during our negotiations with these prospective tenants that our rents are representative of the market and are less than those currently being offered in Edwards and Vail.

I would suggest that Ms. Casillas spend a little time at Chapel Square. In addition to a very successful residential project, she would find some very successful businesses operating in the center. Business at the four restaurants remains strong, along with a majority of the other tenants operating in this project. The addition of three national tenants to the Chapel Square project is a great opportunity for the town of Avon as well as the current tenants of the project. We are excited about the future of Chapel Square, as well as the retail climate in Avon.

Recently two editors and a writer for The New York Times were fired for irresponsible journalism that utilized fiction, as opposed to facts in substantiating several stories in that paper. In this instance, the owners and tenants of Chapel Square will have to live with the damage caused by this slanderous and reckless excuse of journalism perpetrated by Ms. Casillas. Ms. Casillas should be forced to either back up her wild claims with proper documentation or retract this article.

Kevin Deighan

Property Manager for Chapel Square

Supporting teachers

I guess it’s time to chime in on the the Cacioppo subject. Recently my brother, Bobby, a teacher at the Charter School, passed away suddenly. As most of you know, Bobby leaves behind his wife and two small boys. Obviously, the money being held up for teachers raises could help this family out a lot. So I educated myself on the issues and phoned Cacioppo. Due to our family situation, I was interested in any settlement that frees up the money.

I received a call back from Michael the next day. The conversation was much as you would expect, me listening and Cacioppo talking. Michael talked for about 15 minutes, then allowed me about five.

I only had one question, “How much do you want in regards to your legal fees?”

Mr. Cacioppo replied that he was keeping his legal fees private at this point, and did not give me a dollar figure. I asked him how any of us could make a decision on his proposal without the key dollar figure. He told me to assume that his expenses were about what the school district had spent.

Mike, I can’t just assume anything. The refusal to give me even a ballpark figure, even when pressed, told me everything I needed to know. He’ll take whatever he can get, or extort, from our schools. Yes, extort is a strong word, but isn’t that what we’re being asked to do, submit to this even after we have won the case?

So, I find myself still supporting the school board and the decision’s it has made in regards to this case. While I would love for the money released to all teachers, I cannot support a settlement as long as Cacioppo refuses to release all the information needed to examine his offer. As for Cacioppo’s so-called newspaper, I just ignore it, as well as the merchants who support him by advertising in it. Just my personal choice.

Richard Silverman


Very grateful

As volunteer coordinator for the Vail Police Volunteer Program, I’m very much aware of the importance to the community of our emergency response teams. I knew that they were good, but early Tuesday morning, June 24, I personally found out that they are GREAT!

My husband went into diabetic shock around 3 a.m. and I had to activate the system by calling 911.

Becca Anderson and Amy Grey in the Communications Center, I want to thank you for the professional, yet caring manner in which you handled the call. Steve McGervey and Susan Straub, of the Eagle County Ambulance District, I want to thank you for your first responder assessment of the situation. The outcome might not have been a positive one were it not for your expertise.

Much appreciation to Vail’s dedicated Fire Department Team. They know who they are, and I’m grateful to them, Thanks guys!

To Vail Medical Center’s ER staff on duty Tuesday morning, thank you for all that you did for us. I can’t forget the Vail PD; they already know how much I think of them, so thanks for your concern.

From one minute to the next, no one knows when an emergency will take place. But 24/7, our responders will be there waiting to help. We are indeed fortunate that those who serve us as emergency response teams are professional, dedicated individuals, and for that I thank them, and so should everyone in the Vail Valley community.

Gilda Kaplan


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