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Letters to the editor


Kudos for sheriff

This e-mail is regarding Kobe Bryant’s arrest. I commend the Eagle County Sheriff’s Department for side stepping the DA, Mark Hurlbert, and going directly to a judge who found probable cause for the arrest.

I am also a victim of sexual assault in Eagle County that was set for trial in January this year.

Two district attorneys before Hurlbert, the Sheriff’s Department, and a judge all found probable cause obtain an arrest warrant for the defendant in my case (People vs. Orzech, Daniel Alan, Eagle County Case #01CR460).

The defendant was represented by a high-profile Denver attorney who had been an occasional commentator on Court TV during the JonBenet Ramsey case.-

Shortly before the hearing in my case, Mark Hurlbert was appointed district attorney, and just days beforehand he took it upon himself to drop the charges without conferring with me, the Sheriff’s Department, or the eyewitness in my case.-

For the sake of the victim in the Kobe Bryant case, I hope she receives more respect and justice from Hurlbert than I did.

Melissa Holcomb,

Nashotah, Wis.

Not up to job

“Maybe the first to get wind of the story was the Vail Daily’s Don Rogers. He was almost livid about the decision by the sheriff to arrest Bryant before the district attorney had agreed there was sufficient evidence to prosecute.”

I will share with you that I have watched the Lakers and enjoy their basketball. I have a daughter, too. I would hate any man that would sexually assault her.

What I despise most of all is when a country sheriff has done what Joseph Hoy has done with blatant disregard for everyone concerned. If Kobe Bryant is at the very end of this affair found guilty, that is one thing, but for goodness’s sake get the local DA to at very least agree that there is a case to be answered!

In my opinion, even if Kobe is eventually found guilty (and I seriously doubt that will happen), the mistake of arresting Kobe Bryant could end up being a very costly for Eagle, Colorado. Please let Sheriff Joseph Hoy know that no one appreciates his behavior in this instance.

If the district attorney decides to drop the case, the girl in question will end up with the double trauma that something did happen and will have been the victim of the media circus currently camped out in Eagle.

At the very least her name will eventually get out and she will be hounded for a long time to come.

The handling of this affair by Joe Hoy is abysmal, to say the very least. When you elect a sheriff, it’s important to get a guy capable of handling the job.

John McCarthy


Fair approach

I just wanted to send a quick note to commend you on the way your paper is dealing with the Kobe Bryant mess in Eagle County. You are clearly being fair and thorough in your discussion of the case and it is refreshing and encouraging to realize that there ARE people in your county who still understand the basic tenets of our judicial system – that of course being, “innocent until proven guilty.”

It is very much appreciated by those of us who want to see real justice come from this case, whatever its outcome may be. The approach taken by a clearly media hungry DA and sheriff is at least being offset by your unbiased and fair reporting at the Vail Daily.

It would be very easy for your paper to jump all over the celebrity from afar and make this as messy and nasty as the approach taken by Sheriff Hoy and Mr. Hurlbert.

Such an approach as that is all too common in media in this day and age. You are to be commended for heading up a staff that doesn’t succumb to that urge. You are shining example to other press outlets. You should be proud. I know if I were a citizen of Eagle County, I would be proud that my local paper was that upstanding. Keep up the good work.

Nick Berrisford

Burbank, Calif.

Keep it going

I wanted to commend you and your paper for the way you have handled the allegations surrounding Kobe Bryant and the young woman thus far.

As disappointed as I am that Mr. Bryant was arrested BEFORE the investigation was under way and charges ready to be levied, I’m impressed with the professionalism you have shown in your reporting.

In fact, your paper has shown more professionalism and integrity than many of the hordes of media that are swarming your area right now.

Regardless of the facts of the case as they come out, and after this blows over I’ll have at least gained some respect for one media outlet.

Keep tracking the rumors, keep chasing the ghosts and continue to give us the facts without conjecture or opinion.

Donald Case

Phoenix, Ariz.

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