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Those are

state services

As the Eagle County clerk and recorder, I’d like to respond to the Tipsline comments that were printed last week related to services offered (or not offered) by Eagle County.

These comments were totally inaccurate.

For the record the Colorado State Department of Revenue is the ultimate authority for 1) motor vehicle registrations and titling; and 2) driver’s license services. These are two different services. County government, including Eagle County government, has always been required to act as an agent of the state with regards to motor vehicle services, which includes vehicle registration, issuance of license plates, and titling of vehicles. The Eagle County Clerk and Recorder’s Office has never handled driver’s license services; this has always been handled by the state directly.

There are currently three locations for the Clerk and Recorder’s Office. Our main office is located in the Eagle County building at 500 Broadway in Eagle; 328-8710. We have one satellite office in Avon at the Avon Annex, 100 W. Beaver Creek Blvd.; 748-2000 and another satellite office in El Jebel, in the new Eagle County building, 20 Eagle County Drive.

Additional services offered in our satellite offices include marriage license issuance, voter registration and public access to recorded documents. The Eagle office handles document recording, election administration and county liquor license administration as well.

When the driver’s license office closed last year in Avon, it was a decision by the state of Colorado. There are currently two driver’s license offices in close proximity to Eagle County. One is in the Glenwood Springs mall and the other is in Frisco. Comments related to these services (or in this case change in service) should be directed to the Colorado Department of Revenue.

The mission of the Clerk and Recorder’s Office is to provide friendly, helpful and efficient service to our residents according to state law. With this mission in mind we opened the Avon Annex location in 1997 in order to provide more convenient service for our up-valley residents.

I expect everyone in my office to go the extra mile for every resident who is in need of our services, and I believe we make every effort to do so. I am always open to comments, good or bad about the quality of our service. It is certainly my personal goal to do everything possible to contribute to Eagle County’s success and reputation of being Colorado’s best run county!

Teak J. Simonton

Eagle County

Clerk and Recorder

Get out of

the box

I attended the dialog titled “Focus on the Future of Vail Valley” reported in this paper on Monday. Cliff Thompson’s article accurately reported on what was discussed.

However, there are two observations I would like to share. The first is that the entire panel, able men all, WERE ALL FROM VAIL. There was no one from downvalley.

Perhaps this was intentional. If it was, I believe that it was a glaring error. The days of Vail “going it alone” should be long past.

Our valley has grown much larger. As Ben Franklin said, ” If we don’t all hang together, surely we will hang separately.”

The second observation I would like to make is that everyone was basically spending their time defining our problems rather than proposing solutions. Frank Johnson said that we are usually five to seven years behind the industry trends. Everyone sagely nodded their heads, but no one offered any suggestions as to how to position ourselves ahead of the trends.

I know that creative “out of the box” thinking is the hardest there is. But it is exactly this type of energetic dialoguing we must do. We need a forum where citizens from the entire valley get together and throw out wild and crazy ideas. I’ll guarantee that 99 percent of them will be unworkable for one reason or the other, But that 1 percent that is a true gem could usher in a renaissance for

the valley.

So to get the ball rolling, here is my wacky “out of the box” idea: How about a thoroughbred and quarter horse race track – a “Vail Downs” located either downvalley in Eagle or Gypsum or next to our future reservoir in Wolcott? Now, let’s be perfectly clear, I’m not proposing a race track that would attract the worst elements in society. I’m proposing a track that attracts the best of society, where ladies wear long dresses at the season opener and sip mint juleps. A track with the “Vail” style. Different enough? Hummmm, It just might work. OK, so that’s one idea. What’s yours?

Peter Runyon

Low blows

In the latest issue of Speakout! Mr. Cacioppo (the editor who apparently prefers to be called Ye Olde Publisher) stated that he “ran a police report with the county” on a private citizen who had submitted a letter to the editor of the Vail Daily pertaining to the ongoing Cacioppo vs. Eagle County School District lawsuit.

Ye Olde Publisher included the police report in his rebuttal to the Vail Daily letter. Despite insinuating otherwise Ye Olde Publisher claimed that he wasn’t sure if the letter writer was the subject of the police report by posing the question “Is this the same person who is making these claims about me in the Daily?”

I don’t know the gentleman that was the subject of Ye Olde Publisher’s most recent attack nor do I know the accuracy of Ye Olde Publisher’s information. So why am I writing? Because for too many years I’ve silently watched Ye Olde Publisher use public forums and the legal system to demagogue, bully, threaten, or intimidate elected officials, public employees and private citizens who disagree with him, but he has achieved a new low and I must speak out!

My first questions are directed to Ye Olde Publisher. How do you determine who to run police background checks on? Do you believe that having a police record precludes an individual from participation in public debates? Do you feel that researching and publishing the criminal histories of people that write letters to newspapers will encourage or discourage such public participation? Do you care?

My next questions are for the editorial staff of the Vail Daily. I believe that what Ye Olde Publisher did was incredibly wrong and unethical, but perhaps I’m naive, so please help me. Is this something that is commonly done by newspaper editors? Are there policies or procedures at most news organizations prohibiting this type of activity? Are there professional standards or ethics that address this type of behavior in the publishing industry? Do you feel that researching and publishing the criminal histories of people that write letters to newspapers will encourage or discourage such public participation? Do you care?

My final question is to the businesses that support Speakout! and the people who say “I don’t agree with his methods but I agree with his politics.” Please afford me some prospective. At what point will it be appropriate for this community to say to Mr. Cacioppo, “Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”

LONG time local with a SHORT police record (but I’m sure Ye Olde Publisher will check),

Marvin Franklin


Community force

On Friday, July 11, we had more than 50 volunteers come up to Red Cliff to help us refurbish our town park. We would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the Youth Foundation staff and board of directors, the citizens of Red Cliff, and everyone else for all their hard work.

The list of those who donated their sweat and love is too long to list here. Please know that we know who you are and could not have done this without you.

Nine hours of extraordinary effort produced a wonderful product. As the day ended, the sun fell over the horizon and the temperatures cooled, kids from all over the town descended upon their newly renovated place of congregation.

How wonderful it was to have the cacophony of skill saws, drills, hammers and nails replaced by the bubbling laughter of children playing in a safe spot without a care in the world.

These kids have no idea, nor do they most likely care, who put in all the time, talent and treasure. Be rest assured that we do, and we thank you for it!

Town of Red Cliff Town Council and Administration

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