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Letters to the editor


If you have not read the full text of Amendment 31, DO NOT even VOTE on it. If you want to vote on a change the constitution of the state of Colorado, you had better make sure you know what it says.

Yes, all children should learn English. How should this be achieved? Can YOU function in a new language in one year or less? Maybe your first-grader can, but how about your middle school student? What if your third-grader has a reading disability? How can you expect her to read and write in a new language after only a year of immersion? According to Children’s Hospital in Denver, she will need support in her native language.

These are individual examples. Children are individuals, and their parents presently have a choice about how they are educated. Amendment 31, written by California millionaire Ron Unz, STOPS CHOICE.

Students tested in California for English reading, including “English Language Learners,” would need to be able to read in English to be tested. What about the students who remain segregated in English immersion classrooms under California’s Unz Initiative? The students who were not proficient enough to be moved into the “mainstream” have not gained English reading skills, and could not have been included in the testing.

Four years after the Unz Initiative passed in California, only 8 percent of students have successfully been moved back into the mainstream. A successful state law would not segregate kids into a one-year program and leave most of them languishing there four years later.

Amendment 31 is an unfunded mandate. This means your local taxes will go up to provide segregated classrooms and specially trained teachers. It’s your tax increase. Read the amendment.

A teacher, administrator or school board member who violates the terms of the Amendment 31 can be sued. A district employee who “willfully and repeatedly” uses Spanish to help students can be accused, fired and taken to court. In legalese, “willfully” means she did not have a gun held to her head, and “repeatedly” means more than once. What teacher in his or her right mind will want to teach in Colorado public schools?

Do you want the laws in your Colorado Constitution to mandate punitive measures, raise local taxes, and take away choice?

Be informed. Read the amendment to make an educated decision. Emotional decisions do not make good laws.

Bambi Forbes

Gutter dwellers

The paid-for advertisement regarding having a married couple on the Avon City Council represented the worst in political activity by petty gutter dwellers.

What were they trying to say?

1. That being married should automatically disqualify one of the couple from public service?

2. That a marriage relationship somehow inhibits people from expressing their individual thoughts?

3. That all married couples must be dishonest?

What should we learn from this piece? Should we ban the institution of marriage or simply disqualify all married people from running for elective office? How absurd.

Worse yet, the people behind this did not have the courage or personal integrity to place their names on the add. The Vail Daily should consider requiring those placing political advertisements in their newspaper to identify themselves. It would help to limit such garbage and hopefully eliminate wasting political contributions on such low level activity.

Tim Kelley

Greedy move

Today I was shocked to learn that the cost for a senior ski pass for Vail Resorts for the coming ski season will be $299.

To raise the cost of any good or service over one year’s time by 300 percent is just plain blatant greed. Vail Resorts by this action takes its place alongside a number of other greedy corporations that have violated the public trust, i.e. Enron, WorldCom, Global Crossing, Adelphi Cable and God only knows who else.

Whomever in this corporation thought this would be good for public relations must have a death wish. I believe that to be particularly disappointing since the company was making excellent progress over the last three years to win the respect of the local community by involving themselves in worthy charitable activities as well as introducing the Colorado Pass, which enables locals to enjoy your ski resorts at reasonable cost. But this latest bit of greedy nonsense has set them back I believe to where they were about four years ago.

I am eligible for a senior pass and enjoy the one I received from Copper Mountain for the last two years at the nominal cost of $10. I will be receiving my new Copper Mountain Senior Pass shortly at the same cost of $10. It would appear that Intrawest’s priorities are that of building customer loyalty by providing real customer value; obviously not so at Vail Resorts.

I have never wished Vail Resorts any ill will, but this new slap in the face to the local seniors is going to make keeping a positive attitude by yours truly most difficult.

J. H. Goldberg


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