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The dinner cutThe letter by Jordan Wright (Thursday, July 17), contains a flawed analogy of the effects of a tax cut. I wish to issue a rebuttal. Jordan’s letter was written in response to a commentary that discussed how liberals choose to misunderstand the value of a reduction in taxes. He claimed to have been infuriated by the logic of the restaurant bill analogy in the column, and then he presented to the reader an analogy of his own.I can’t say his analogy infuriated me, but it provides a perfect example of how a liberal misunderstands the economy as a “zero-sum game,” where someone must lose if someone else is to win.Jordan’s analogy supposes 10 people work at a restaurant where the bill typically comes to $100. Per his example, the revenue is dispersed as follows: Four workers, waiters and waitresses, earn nothing except tips. The fifth, the bartender, makes $1. The sixth, the dishwasher, $3. Seventh, the busser, $7. Eighth, the doorman, $12. Ninth, the manager, $18. And 10th, the owner, $59 (the owner “gives” one-third to overhead and pockets the remainder, $40).The analogy introduces a $20 tax reduction per meal. It’s a little hard to think of a community with a $20 sales tax on a $100 meal, but we’ll take it at face value. If a $20 tax reduction is possible, the original taxes must been at least $20, and the total price of the meal equal to $120 + tip.Assuming a 20 percent tip on the pre-tax bill, the total cost of the meal to the customers is no less than $140.Now, here’s where the wheels start to fall off for poor ol’ Jordan. Jordan assumes that upon the introduction of the $20 tax break, the opportunistic owner raises the price by $20, pocketing $20 extra bucks for herself. The selfish owner passes nothing on to the employees, who become angry and quit. WRONG WRONG WRONG.A competitive market in the restaurant industry prevents the owner from raising prices simply because of the tax cut. Unless Jordan’s analogy also includes the introduction of collusion among restaurant owners, an unjustfied price increase is not going to stick. The total price of the meal to the customer drops by approximately the amount of the tax cut. The owner (and everyone else) benefits from the tax cut without raising prices one dime, because the total cost to the customers is now reduced, the total number of meals consumed increases.Prior to the 20 percent tax cut, if the typical customer had been budgeting $3400/year for dining out, he was able to dine out about 24 times per year (24 meals x $140/meal = $3,360). After the tax cut, the total cost of the meal drops to $120. The customer can now go out 28 times, 4 more times than previously (28 meals x $120/meal = $3,360). So 17 percent more dinners are served.By Jordan’s own analogy, everyone from the owner through the waitress gets a 17 percent raise. The failing of liberal economic analysis is simply a failing to understand (or acknowledge) the big picture.Unless all consumers of products and services are infinitely wealthy, a tax on a products and services reduces the quantities of products and services that can be purchased and consumed.A tax reduction does the opposite, it increases the size of the economic pie…for everyone.Michael ReaSecurity?American citizens have valid concerns about homeland security after 9-11. The public has called for securing our borders, airports and our country for protection from terrorist attacks.On July 14, 9News reported that 27 illegal alien employees were arrested at the Air Force Academy. They had false Social Security cards and possessed security passes.Our airports and bases are top security, yet 100 illegal alien employees were arrested at DIA for false IDs and Social Security cards.Although I commend the Air Force for this investigation leading to the arrests, I question how we should trust any programs involving guest workers or other country’s IDs. How are they secure, when illegal aliens were able to work at the military base? How much time does al-Qaida need to inflict terrible damage upon our country, if they have false documents?Americans must not forget that all 19 9-11 terrorists had fraudulent Social Security cards and state IDs.I question our homeland security as the Mexican Consular Affairs Department director, Roberto Rodriguez, is under investigation for selling United States visas to Middle Easterners who couldn’t enter our country due to terrorist ties. He was responsible for the sales of illicit visas in two other American-based consular offices this spring, which are now closed.My final thought regarding the threat of terrorist attacks is be concerned for yourselves and your children. Because the reality is our borders, our country and our airports really are not secure at all.Marty LichGypsumRewriting historySelecting pieces of a story that support an agenda, while ignoring others, is an irresponsible method of reporting history. Butch Mazzuca’s commentary (6-17) is a blatant attempt to misrepresent the facts.First off, President Bush had every reason in the world for lying to gain support for the invasion. Butch, have you forgotten in the days prior the invasion, protests larger then the world had every seen were taking place at major cities around the world?The facts were blatantly misrepresented in Butch’s claim about the debate in the U.N. Butch would like us to believe that the members of the U.N. agreed unanimously that Iraq was a question of “not if we should take action, but when.” I seem to recall that there was a very significant if factor; consequently, we went alone.Come on Butch, did EVERY nation’s intelligence agency back our WMD claims?Butch wants history to paint a picture of an innocent America that is victim to the Middle East’s backwards and envious ways. You cannot describe the roots of terrorism without acknowledging our intimate alliance with Israel, or our meddling in the business of Middle Eastern countries for the last 50 years. Supporting the crafted idea of haves vs. have-nots, is a contrived Western rationalization that is more fitting if applied to the reality that America does not have the oil and the Middle East does.In light of the fact there appears to be no WMD, I still support the move to oust Saddam. However, the way the administration handles itself, I am beginning to lose faith in the neo-conservative ideology that dominates the executive branch. The Bush administration is beginning to leave a trail of loose ends.It is partisan columnists such as Butch Mazzuca, attempting to rewrite history, that are covering their tales.Ed GraefGreat seasonThe Western Eagle County Metropolitan Recreation District and the Eagle Valley Little League would like to thank Dave Ortiz, Nancy Fricker, Bernie Cooper, John Ramunno, Stacy Coulter, Todd Ellsworth, Steve Jaramillo, Mike Lundblade, Chris Spiegel, Omar El-Bitar, Ed Hauck, Steve Johnson, Dan Seifers, George Hudspeth, Jesse Meryhew, Mark Wilhelm, Tim Chaffin, Kelly Haney, Carol Sieg, Kyle Hall, Tom Maxwell, Mariano Ledezma, Jerry Santoro, Dick Hicks, Kevin Brubeck, Bob Cohen, Gordan Adams, Shelton Adams, Sta-n McClintock, Brett Lich, Dan Moore, Dave Pietrack, Paul Paradis, Mark Lathrop, Bob Hamina, Robert Ellsworth, Paul Sabo, Bob Senn, Matt Jones, Ed Coulter, Gina Fahrenholtz, Rich VanDyke, Deb Jordan, Todd Bukovich, Jeff Sterkel, Rick Granzow, Tim McMichael, Bill Britt, Fabian Lopez, Doug Parker, Rick Huffman, Charlie Cuno, Glen Padgett, Bill Long, Kevin Roach, Dave Lussier, Ted Martin and all of the assistant coaches that helped out this season. Also a very special thanks to all of the moms and dads who volunteered their time throughout the season, and supported their respective team.Thank you to all of the local businesses who sponsored a Little League team or donated to the Little League General Fund this year, Prudential, French Electric, A Storage Place, Eagle Valley Medical Center, AmericInn Lodge & Suites, Vista Tile, Sagebrush Services, Sabo Electric, Mesa National Bank, Service Master of Vail, Ewing Trucking & Construction, Inn & Suites at Riverwalk, Loaf & Jug, Gore Range Brewery, Alpine Laser Clinic, Fiesta’s, Valley View Hospital, Pediatric Partners, Mountain Living Body Spa, Sabo Electric, Awnings by SPI, Elam Construction, Joe’s Grab & Go, Kidtopia, All Valley Construction, Beveridge Real Estate, Subway, Epicurean Services, Buka’s Deli, Alpine Bank, Huffman Painting, Gold Star Roofing, The Denver Cardiology Group, The Kuttin Corner, Gallegos Corporation, Johnson, Kunkel & Associates and White River Development & Construction.WECMRD and the Eagle Valley Little League would also like to thank Jose Meza, Andy Johnson, Micah Bernhardt, Gary Green, Robert Ellsworth, Tom Riedel, Bill Beasley, Bill Johnson, Greg Propernick, Bill Britt, Josh Dostal, Cody Comerford, Chris Lopez, Fabian Lopez, Jesse Meryhew, Sean Mathison, Don Mathison, and Tim Peters for their time as umpires, as well as all of the volunteers who helped during the Major Boys and Major Girls All-Star Tournaments.This year there were 508 boys and girls on 36 Little League teams.The youth of our communities who participated in the 2003 Little League program all benefited from your time, knowledge, enthusiasm, and patience. Thank you all again for an outstanding year!Scott RuffWECMRDNo good reasonA skeptical American public was convinced of the necessity of war with Iraq by a president who told us that there was a clear and present danger from weapons of mass destruction and ties to El Qaeda. Those claims now seem somewhat spurious.As I read your column, I wondered if, while you were writing it, you realized that you were offering the exact same kind of rationalizations that were offered by politicians in the “60s that got 58,000 of your comrades in arms killed for no reason at all.With profound sadness,Jim DorseyWhiny DemsDemocrats probably haven’t been this bitter since losing the Civil War to Republicans (another war of liberation they were on the wrong side of!) The silly letters they are sending (and that the Daily prints) sound so juvenile!I liked this quote and have kept it from last summer. Democrat Zell Miller (U.S. Senator from Georgia) said, “Unlike our GOP opponents, we have to prove that we will not raise taxes, let all of the crooks out of prison, pour the public’s money down a variety of ratholes, double everybody’s welfare check, condone the burning of the American flag, let serial ax murderers escape the electric chair, confiscate everybody’s guns and take down the Christmas tree at City Hall.”Democrats! Pay attention! You are wrong, wrong, wrong. You try to control newspapers, schools, judges, etc. Americans know thismeans you have something to hide and see it as dishonest.Grow up and stop whining, please.Ralph OhlsenEdwardsLiar, liarWhy is it that neo-cons can take a word like “liberal,” twist the hell out of it, then throw their definition back at the American People and call it “truth”?Those who saw the lies perpetrated by this current administration coming find ourselves astonished when our fellow opponents blah, blah, blah and blah until they’re blue in the face and still get nowhere in the polls against this man and his band of amicable geniuses.Take the damn gloves off! There’s blood in the water! For God’s sakes, unite, unite, unite and go after them. It’s time for every hard-working, moderate-thinking American, every un-cowed senator, congressman and congresswoman to clasp hands with his and her neighbors and start using the phrase: “They lied to the American People.”Gus NicholsonGreat help, thanks!The Vail Mountain summer operations crew would like to extend a special thanks to members of the local downhill mountain bike community who volunteered their time on July 2.We appreciate their expertise and the new ideas they’ve generated. As a result of this partnership, all riders receive a tremendous benefit. The repairs include rejuvenating the 1994 Championship Downhill course as well as the Magic Forest Downhill. Both tracks now ride significantly better. Thank you to all that participated.Julie RustDirectorVail Ski Patrol, Yellow Jackets, Mountain InformationValuable help on fireThe Upper Colorado River Interagency Fire Management Unit would like to thank the following entities for their valuable assistance in the suppression of the 1232 acre Dotsero Crater fire in Western Eagle County.Eagle County commissioners, Eagle County Sheriff’s Department, Western Eagle County Ambulance District, Town of Vail Fire Department and Communication Center, Eagle Fire Department, Gypsum Fire Department, Eagle River Fire Protection District, Basalt and Rural Fire Protection District, Snowmass Wildcat Fire Protection District, Snake River Fire Protection District. Your cooperation was greatly appreciated.Eric RebitzkeIncident CommanderDotsero Crater FireBeautiful tributeThank you for publishing Paul Kuzinar’s ode to President Ford!He wrote beautifully, with a refreshing clarity of understanding this noble man, who says “I” less often than “Betty and I”, who loves to laugh and be with his family and friends, who is the statesman often called upon to offer his sound and wise advice concerning our country, who is known to be honorable.Mr. Kuzinar wrote straight to our hearts about President Ford and I thank him for his accolade.Marge BurdickShelton StationChief Jon R. Asper of the Greater Eagle Fire Protection District and the Eagle Fire Association expressed his gratefulness to visitors and well-wishers who dropped by to check out the newly remodeled Shelton Station on Saturday, July 12. Young and old alike were delighted with the expanded facility, now with accommodations for on-duty crews, separate offices for officers and the chief, and an exhaust filtering system that vents toxic fumes out of the station. Visitors were treated to a power point presentation depicting the remodeling process, which took place from September 2002 to May 2003, and cooling drinks and cookies to round out their trip.Greater Eagle Fire Protection District

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