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Just don’t see itThank you again for highlighting the injustice done in my case in your column. But, as the present situation shows, nothing ever seems to change in the local criminal justice system. The abuses and flagrant disregard for rights just seem to continue.Eight months after an angry dismissal by Judge Diem, I still do not have back a major amount if the material seized from my office almost two years ago. The computer and associated records are central to the filing of a civil suit against the Vail Police and the District Attorney’s Office, but are still the subject of ongoing motions, delays and excuses.The Daily has highlighted the improvements realized in the DA’s office over the last several months. Excuse me if I fail to see the progress. Some terribly abusive people are gone but the level of legal competency shows no evidence of advancement.And now the Vail Daily is involved in litigation against the level of ignorance and the denial of fundamental rights that permeates the local police departments.Isn’t it time to make a more intense investigative effort to uncover the attitudes and disdain that have led to a lengthening series of misfiled and unsupported criminal charges. That have, in your words, damaged lives instead of exacting justice. Do we just wait for the next instance? And editorialize more? Or is there a way to hold the abuses and their perpetrators out in the open?I don’t know, but each instance makes it harder for me to tell my kids that that they need to respect law enforcement, especially in Eagle County.Bruce GillieVailThanks for donationsStarbucks in Avon would like to extend a huge “thank you” to the following for their gracious donations to the firefighters fighting the Crater and Crane Park fires: Avon Bakery & Deli (bread and pastry donations); Tyler Riley at GNC (personally purchased and donated protein bars); and the partners at Avon Starbucks who donated their coffee and time to gather items for the firefighters.Janna AllenStarbucksAvon Store ManagerOh Canada, indeedYou’ve got to love liberal bias in the media. It is certainly entertaining. If you want a prime example, read the Associated Press article by David Crary printed in a recent Vail Daily. The headline reads, “Discontented Americans heading north.”The writer explains how due to differences in social policies and growing conservatism in the USA, people from the USA are packing their bags and emigrating north to Canada. He goes on and mentions Canadian universal health care, tougher gun control laws and same sex marriages as reasons.He quotes a “puppeteer” in the U.S. who is leaving: “For me, it’s a no-brainer.” (Imagine that, a puppeteer with no brains.) At least he puts in a tiny graph showing what the facts are, but the author even editorializes the graph, “U.S. emigration to Canada peaked during the Vietnam war. More liberal laws are attracting a new generation of Americans to move to Canada.”Well, I wonder if anyone, let alone the author, even looked at the graph or did 15 minutes worth of research on his own quoted sources. First (using his own sources), the number of Canadians immigrating to the USA each year is roughly 3.7 times the number of these “discontented Americans heading north.” (So much for the value of “free” health care.)Secondly, while annual U.S. emigration to Canada over the last several years is actually holding steady (around the 5,500 puppeteer level) and even dropped last year, Canadian emigration to the United States has risen. Amusingly, in 2000, the year Bush was voted in as president, it jumped from 8,800 to 16,200. And most recently in 2002, 19,500 more people now say “soda” instead of “pop.”Nowhere in his article (or the headline, for that matter) does he mention these facts. Nowhere does he interview why Canadians (puppet haters?) seem to be discontented and are moving to the USA in such larger numbers than vice versa. Nowhere does he extrapolate on immigration numbers and the relative populations of the USA (280 million) and Canada (32 million). When taking this into account, Canadians emigrate to the USA not at 3.7 the rate (vs. us moving there), not five times as much, but 31 times the rate!So let’s face it, this “reporter” has an agenda and wishes to imply a story which suits his views even though the facts tell us something else is going on. The story should have been about the surge in Canadian immigrants. Maybe the “reporter” will join his fellow puppeteers and emigrate to Canada, instead of stringing all of us along.Chris RatzlaffVailForgot constituency?I was appalled reading that Eagle County Commissioner Tom Stone supports Referendum A in his editorial comment of your paper on Friday, July 18. Just four pages before his editorial in the same paper you printed an article that the Colorado River District opposes Referendum A.The Colorado River District mission is to preserve and protect the waters of the Western Slope. Tom Stone is our River District representative.If it was not clear before, it is clear now that Tom Stone’s political aspirations and allegiance to our anti-Western Slope governor are stronger than protecting the best interests of our county. This referendum is nothing but an attempt by the Front Range to use the drought as a cloak to get the entire state to pay for their East Slope water diversions.Do not be fooled that mitigation can repair a loss of stream flow that is used by diverting it over the mountain with no return flow to its basin of origin.I voted for Tom because I thought his political connections could gain us state and federal monies to clean up the sand problem on Vail Pass. But I am afraid he no longer knows who he represents at home.Chuck OgilbyVailNice jobThanks for the great article on my brother Lyndon. He was my best friend and my mentor and I drank far too much beer with him.This is always a difficult time of year for my family and Tashina and the boys, but your article on the climb and Leinenkugel’s bash reconnects me with Vail and how Lyndon’s spirit continues to feed the Vail community. Just when the pain of his loss becomes so deep and great, the joy of knowing and loving Lyndon can hold you like a blanket. We all miss him, and I appreciated the Vail Daily once again acknowledging the love and the enthusiasm he shared with others.Merry EllefsonDouglas, AlaskaGreat Paddle-A-ThonFirst Descents, a local kayak camp for young cancer patients, would like to thank everyone that participated in the 2003 annual Paddle-A-Thon on July 13.This year’s event was very successful with 60 paddlers participating on kayaks, duckies, sit-on-tops and even blow-up mattresses.We would like to send out special thanks to our sponsors: The Colorado River Center and Mountain Quest Sports, State Bridge Lodge, Rancho del Rio, Alpine Kayak, and the American Canoe Association. A very special thanks to Chris, James, and Brent of the Colorado River Center for shuttling paddlers back from State Bridge to the CRC. Eleven campers have arrived for the first of two weeks of camp in Vail. Thanks so much for the help and donations in order to give these patients an incredible opportunity! See you on the river! For more information on First Descents, log onto firstdescents.comSari ChwalkFirst Descents

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