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Letters to the editor


Coming back,

for sure

The New York Philharmonic visited Vail, where the orchestra entertained at the Bravo Music Festival under Maestro Lorin Maazel. I was a fortunate hanger-on and a sometime dearest of the experience.

Reflections of a New York A Concerti:

The Ford Amphitheater is a series of leaf-like sheltering structures open to the changeable Colorado weather. With plenty of room to move about, audience members could easily reach their seats while balancing a box of popcorn and a margarita.

The music floated out to us as evening enclosed the orchestra. There was Grieg’s Concerto in A Minor, with Jean-Yves Thibauder playing piano. Also, we heard Sibelius’s Second Symphony with a few facts told to the audience by the maestro. When poor Sibelius became bald, he retreated from public view as a celebrated violinist. Instead, he composed his magical music.

Mountain Jeep Tour:

The luminous yellow flowers shone like candles beside the road up Resolution Mountain. Wolf, our lanky Austrian guide, strode further up the mountain “to test the weather.” He left us at the jeep to snack on fruit and lemonade. Wolf was a man in his 60s with an inquisitive, smiling face and a cheerful personality. He yodeled. “It makes the serotonin level go up in the brain.” Serotonin is a natural antidepressant. Wolf taught us the technique of yodeling as he drove the jeep. He pointed out the wildflowers – larkspur, Indian paintbrush, wild rose. Mountain sage, he said, has 100 uses – from tea to insect repellent.

Beaver Creek:

We lived at the Hyatt in this 1980s-created Swiss-style village of shops, eateries and mountain sports. With our VIP New York Philharmonic tickets, we earned a free beer at the Dusty Boot and 15% off at the Coyote Cafe.

I hiked up the mountain with a guide from the Hiking Center who pointed out wildflowers such as cornhusk lilies, some as tall and sturdy as people. I was the only hiker covered up in pants instead of shorts. Unlike in New York, there is neither Lyme disease nor poison ivy in the Colorado mountains.

We are happily invited back, orchestra and hangers-on, in the summer of 2004 for another residence at Bravo. The End.

Ruth Cohen

Wife of a New York Philharmonic musician

Happy about


I would like to both thank and congratulate the crew who repaved Squaw Creek Road in Edwards. They did this rapidly and with very minimum inconvenience. Whoever did it deserves a major dose of our appreciation.

Carl Kreitler


Put a bell on “em

Speeding bicycles are a serious hazard for pedestrians.

The danger could be reduced easily by requiring bicycles to be equipped with a warning device, such as a horn or bell. It would be a cheap solution to potentially serious and expensive injuries.

I realize that bicycles are important in Vail, but so are pedestrians.

Richard J. Ferguson


Good decision-

I am writing to applaud the vote of the Eagle County commissioners to contribute to the preservation of the Bair Ranch. I would especially like to thank Arn Menconi for his hard work in making sure that this legacy of open space can be enjoyed by the people of Eagle County for years to come. I also would like to thank Mike Gallagher for his affirmative vote-on this issue.

As open space quickly disappears along the I-70 corridor, it is encouraging to know that some of the Eagle County commissioners have a vision beyond the next election.

Shame on you, Tom Stone, for opposing such an important issue! I hope at some point you will look at the open space of Eagle County as something more than the next opportunity for development.

Tom Bassett

Watch out

I got the following message: “EarthLink.com – Account suspension alert.

Dear EarthLink.com member, EarthLink.com Account Management regrets to inform you that your EarthLink.com account has been suspended due to credit card verification problems. Your credit card failed to authorize and as a result, your account has been suspended. Please take a moment to confirm your account by going to the following address: http://www.earthlink.com:ac98haa

I went to the page shown, and it asked for all my card details. Smelling a rat, I contacted Earthlink, and was told that it was indeed a scam. So don’t send your card info to anyone unless you are certain that the site is authentic and reputable!

Pete Feistmann


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