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Letters to the Editor


Your 15 minutes

of fame ….

I used to visit this Web site to catch up with what’s going on in your little town and with the friends I have there.

I lived in Aspen, so I know what smalltown living is like. Now I go to your Web site and I am thrown into all these little categories about who I should talk to.-

Everyone across the county is checking out vaildaily.com or whatever only because of Kobe Bryant – DEFINITELY for no other reason!

You have just fallen to a “15 minutes of fame” definition of those trying to ride high off this misfortunate incident.

Please try to have some character as far as being a newspaper. Now, you are right up there with the Globe.

Suzanne Smith

Professional work

I am from So Cal and a big Kobe fan. That being said, I have been very impressed with your coverage of this story.

Frankly, I expected a small-town bias, but I believe you have set an example of true journalism on a story that reads like a sad soap opera.

I think there are many issues in this case, ranging from the actual accusation to issues of justice in small towns, race and many other legal issues.

You have an opportunity to make a major contribution and to date have been doing so in a highly professional manner.

Pat McCann

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