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Letters to the editor


Freedom Riders did great

We would like to thank all the riders of the “Freedom Riders.” We have 18 of the finest kids, they dedicated hours of practice. They worked as a team and they performed as a team. It took a lot of time to pair up the horses and get the line up just right for each horse and rider.

We would like to thank all the parents who were always there to lend a helping hand. It takes approximately two hours to get the horses and riders dressed and ready to perform.

We would like to thank the Eagle Pharmacy for getting us more supplies on such short notice. Thanks to Tom Harris for setting up our stalls and staging area at the 4-H livestock barn. Most important we want to thank Whittaker Landscaping Services Inc. for helping us get off the ground. His sponsorship bought matching tack and shirts and several other items.

We are very proud of these kids and we hope they continue to perform.

Freedom Riders Drill Team:

1. Michaella Noel; 2. Kendra Parker; 3. Dusty Maurello; 4. Kaylee VanCampen; 5. Kensie Scott; 6. Abbie Batten; 7. Jessica Rivera; 8. Charity Masciotro; 9. Joann Ford; 10. Pete Moore; 11. Joselyn Irwin; 12. Becky Long; 13. Tracy Schlegel; 14. Jessi Stiles; 15. Bree Ehlert; 16. Jimmy Jacox; 17. Brandy Smith; 18. Katie Brandess

Shelly McCoy

Kris Whittaker

Kendra Scott

Summer success

This letter is to express appreciation to the various people and organizations that helped to make this year’s Summer Reading Program at the town of Vail Library a tremendous success.

This list includes Haagen-Dazs in Crossroads for the generous donation of ice cream for our grand finale ice cream social that wrapped up the season; Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival for arranging an artist to visit midway through the summer; the Vail Daily staff, without whom we could not have gotten the word out about our exciting weekly events. Thanks also to our volunteers who assisted throughout the summer: Susan Phillips, Harper Kaufman, Mallory Kaufman and Erik Davis.

Lastly, our appreciation is extended to the many talented guest artists who visited, including Ann Lincoln, Jo Fejt, Andrew Passow, Jon Deak, Tony Gulizia, Allan Finney, Thomas Kirk and Wayne Francis. On behalf of the entire staff at the town of Vail Library, we thank all of the above, and the town of Vail for their support.

This program promoted summer reading and library use while making many children’s summer more delightful and educational. It was a very successful year as a record number of children visited the town of Vail Library for the 2003 Summer Reading Program.

Ann Sinton

Vail Library

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