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Doesn’t get it

In response to Art Allard’s letter: I’ve been sufficiently annoyed by recent letters published about homosexuality that against my better judgment, I’ll raid my privacy to respond.

Mr. Allard’s letter on homosexuality and the churches is so thoughtful and long winded, it’s hard to tell what his point is. It seems to be: “Therefore, homosexuality is a social creation and not a natural one.”

This implies that Mr. Allard thinks that homosexuality is a chosen lifestyle, which leads me to conclude that Mr. Allard doesn’t know any gay people and if he does, he hasn’t spent any time with them.

If he did, he’d understand that none of us would knowingly choose to live a life and suffer the ignorance, derision and hatred so lavishly displayed by Mr. Allard’s conclusion – or other prominent local religious leaders for that matter.

Life has enough struggles without the added fear, hatred and judgment of society at large further compounding things. We don’t simply wake up one morning and decide to be gay. Why on earth would we do that? It doesn’t work that way.

Most of the other gay people I know have worked very hard at arriving at the truth about themselves – with considerable dismay at times along the way. But if the option is living a lie, we’re happy to choose otherwise.

Christopher Bickham


Bush’s failures

I know we are now in back-to-school season and everyone is busy. And I know the Kobe Bryant ordeal is just so captivating. And I understand that the 10 Commandments in an Alabama courthouse is real high drama. However, on the eve of 9/11, I think we all should remember some very important facts that outline the failure of the so-called “war on terror”:

n Osama bin Laden has not been captured or killed and is still on the loose.

n Mullah Omar has not been captured or killed and is still on the loose.

n Saddam Hussein has not been captured or killed and is still on the loose.

n More American military troops have died in Iraq during the current “peacekeeping and rebuilding” phase than died during the whole war.

n Absolutely no weapons of mass destruction have been found as was promised by our president, leading to widespread speculation that we were blatantly lied to by our leaders in their rush to war.

When you add these foreign policy failures to our mounting problems here at home – lackluster economy, high joblessness, all-time record budget deficits, stock market woes, corporate greed, etc. – it really seems that the Bush administration has utterly failed the citizens of the United States over these past three years. I just hope the good citizens of Eagle County keep these issues in mind once in awhile.

Feel free to go back to non-issues like Kobe or Alabama courthouses if you would like, but I hope you do not. Our country is truly at stake.

Jason W. Denhart


Don’t mention it

Well, he lied to get us into it, and now his message informs us that there’s no “graceful” way out!

But once again, our president tells us lies and half-truths. He begins by equating Iraq with “terror” as he disregards all information that indicates that there were no weapons of mass destruction, there were no links to Al Quaida, and there was no meaningful nuclear program.

He tells us that sacrifice will be required, but he gives no details. He never mentions the loss of lives. He never mentions the horrendous cost. He never mentions the fact that while we don’t pay, our children will. He ever mentions the ill feelings that he has created throughout the world. Now he tells us other countries should step up and contribute. Who’s he kidding?

He and Mr. Blair “went it alone”! He disparaged the United Nations, he insulted France, Germany and Russia. He continues to say that the United States will unilaterally determine the course of action, and then he further insults our intelligence by intimating that others might make meaningful contributions of troops and money.

Unfortunately his war is our war and it threatens all of us! We will continue to have our servicemen killed, it will continue to cost billions of dollars every month, we will continue to have deficits that seriously threaten our economy, and we will accomplish nothing!

David Le Vine

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